Zerys API Technical Documentation

This document will help your development team use the Zerys API for your needs. If you have any questions or have additional capabilities the API does not currently offer, just let us know and we'll add it ASAP!


API Base url : http://api.zerys.com


 1.      [GetProjects]

This method will return list of active projects.

HTTP Method: GET

URL: http://api.zerys.com/Xml/GetProjects/{APIKEY}/{CIDD}  - Json format request and response

       http://api.zerys.com/xml/PlaceOrder/{APIKEY}/{CIDD} - Xml format request and response

 Help file: http://api.zerys.com/help/operations/GetProjectNames_Json ,http://api.zerys.com/help/operations/GetProjectNames_Xml

Eg:   http://api.zerys.com/Json/GetProjects/E373B774-9D49-4816-AE87-7E479796B69B/69064FD4-DD93-4517-BF80-51FF5D04A04E

 Input Parameters:

       APIKEY – api key

       CIDD – Client unique identifier

 Response Parameters:

       Message: Result message (includes error messages)

       Result: Boolean value – whether the API call is successful or failure.      

       ProjectList: List of projects for that particular client.

       Name: Project Name

       ProjectIdd: unique identifier of that project

       SmartPost: This project is setup for SmartPost or not.


2.       [PlaceOrder]

Place a new order for a particular project.


URL:  http://api.zerys.com/Xml/PlaceOrder/{APIKEY}/{CIDD}


Help File: http://api.zerys.com/help/operations/PlaceOrder_Xml ,http://api.zerys.com/help/operations/PlaceOrder_Json

Eg:   http://api.zerys.com/Xml/PlaceOrder/E373B774-9D49-4816-AE87-7E479796B69B/69064FD4-DD93-4517-BF80-51FF5D04A04E

<ApiOrder xmlns="http://zerys.com/api">




  <ProjectIdd>b0f18006-69a2-48f4-9af8-052f5f1a63aa </ProjectIdd>



      <Instruction>Sample instruction</Instruction>

      <Keyword>Sample keyword1 </Keyword>

      <Title>sample title 1</Title>



<Instruction>Sample instruction</Instruction>

      <Keyword>Sample keyword2 </Keyword>

      <Title>sample title 2</Title>