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The Z3 Revolution has Begun!

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This past weekend, we moved forward with the first phase of our Z3 rollout! This involved going live with a completely revamped Service Provider platform for our writers. (You can see the announcement we sent out to our writers below.)

Z3 Unveiled


Today we announced that we're unveiling Z3 at Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Conference next week in Boston, MA.

8-1-13 General Update


For the last several months, you may have noticed that we've been holding off on making any major updates in order to focus on the development and launch of our new version of Zerys... Z3.

1-21-13 New Favorite Writer Job Board and Long Document Options


Today we launched some exciting updates to our SmartPost technology.


11-6-12 Most Recent Updates


Today we have a few updates to discuss...


  1. New Project Types - When you create a new content project, you’ll now be able to choose from a list of different content types. Each type of content has a unique ordering process that takes into account the nuances involved with ordering each type. For instance, ordering a blog post has different steps than ordering an e-book.


9-11-12 New Writer Cancellation and Missed Deadline Penalties

Some users have been expressing frustration that writers are cancelling jobs or missing deadlines too frequently. We researched this and discovered that many writers were cancelling jobs because:
  1. They were taking writing jobs without fully reading the instructions and being sure they could complete it in time
  2. If they had a question about a job, and sent an email to the buyer to clarify, their deadline clock kept ticking down while they waited for the buyer to respond. Sometimes, the buyer wouldn’t respond, which could cause them to get a missed deadline on their record.
  3. While they waited for a buyer to respond, they could not take another job from the job board… so it was easier to just cancel and move on rather than try to ask the question and get clarification.
  4. There was no meaningful penalty for cancelling a job

So, to address this issue, we have implemented the following new features:

Minor Update 7-6-12

  1. Add 'delete' option to saved templates on One Time Order Screen
  2. Updated Pop-up when ordering less than 5 titles on Order Screen
  3. Added new Long Document Order Training Guide
  4. Agencies can now choose option to pay writers after their agency editor approves the content, rather than waiting for their clients to approve content
  5. All users now have ability to set Default SmartPost Settings across all projects

Mini System Update 6-22-12


Today we did a minor update with some important improvements and a few new features.

System Update 5-31-12


This is a major update with dozens of minor improvements, and many new features we think you'll be excited about:

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