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Zerys Thoughts and Policy Regarding ChatbotGPT and All AI Generated Content…

If you've been following the news lately, you may have heard about ChatGPT, the latest version of OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot, funded by Microsoft.

This new technology was just launched last month but has already gained a lot of attention. With this tool, anyone can quickly create automated content about any topic.

In this post, we’ll outline our policy and thoughts about this new technology, share some supporting articles, and explain what we’re doing about it moving forward.

ChatbotGPT and OpenAI Generated Content - Not Allowed

Zerys AI Policy

Zerys has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards the use of any AI-based writing tools by our writers. If we detect it, the writer’s account will be permanently closed.

We have notified all our writers of this policy and the good news is, we received a very positive reaction from our writers who overwhelmingly support our firm stance against AI.

What are We Doing About it?

We are partnering with http://www.originality.AI to help us detect AI content (and plagiarism) and prevent its use in our system.

In the near future, we will be integrating this new technology directly into Zerys so that every piece of content writers submit will be scanned and the results shown to you upon review.

For now this will involve a simple scan. In the future, we will be implementing other even more advanced detection technology.

What’s the Problem With AI Content?

Most people are creating content with the hopes it will rank high in the search engines.

So after hearing about technology like ChatGPT, the thought may have crossed your mind: why not create tons of cheap, automated content and submit it to Google?

But as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here’s why:

  • Google can detect content created by AI now, and its detection abilities will continually improve
  • Google considers it spam and may penalize or remove it from its index

Very soon, AI generated content will contain hidden water marks that will make it even easier to detect. Google is very committed to detecting and eliminating AI content from its search engine.

Bottom line:

if you want your content to rank in Google and other search engines, you definitely should NOT be using ChatbotGPT or any other AI tool during the content creation process.

How Will This New Technology Affect the Future of Copywriting?

You may have started to hear some major predictions about how this technology will affect various industries. You may have heard how it will “kill Google” and eliminate the need for developers or copywriters.

Don’t believe all the hype!

AI will never eliminate the need for human copywriters. In fact, we believe it will have the opposite effect. As more people begin to rely on AI based writing, the need and VALUE of human written content will only continue to increase.

No robot will ever be able to fully replicate the full range of human emotion and intelligence that goes into high quality content.

Supporting Articles

Google doesn’t want your AI-generated SEO spam content: AI-generated content is 'spam' and is against Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

So, naturally I asked ChatGPT “What is the future of content writing?” And here is its reply: ‘it is likely that the role of content writers will continue to be important in helping businesses to connect with their audiences and communicate their messages effectively.’

…it is unlikely that AI will be able to fully replace human content writers, as writing requires creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to understand and appeal to human emotions.

Another potential trend is the continued importance of creating high-quality, engaging content. With the increasing amount of content available online, it will be important for businesses to create content that stands out and resonates with their audiences.

This will require content writers to be knowledgeable about their industry, their audience, and the latest trends in content creation.

Many writers are, with good reason, worried about their future career prospects as the technology behind these AI writing tools become more advanced.

But fear not! As insiders to the world of AI writing, we can confidently say that the age-old profession of writing will be with us for longer than the media would lead you to believe.

Let us explain! At AI21 Labs, we do not believe that AI will replace writers—at least not anytime soon!

However, while ChatGPT may end up performing some tasks traditionally done by people, there’s no sign it will replace professional writers any time soon.

While they may impress us with their abilities and even their apparent creativity, AI systems remain a reflection of their training data – and do not have the same capacity for originality and critical thinking as humans do.

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