Small Budget, Big Impact: Content Marketing For The Little Guy

    Running a small business can be a daunting task. Big corporations typically have many departments, manned by lots of people. The small business owner does not always have the luxury of manpower. He has to wear many hats and often work with a limited marketing budget.

    Yet, the tiny guy has to compete on the same playing field as the big guys.

    Content Marketing Ideas for the Little Guy

    Your small business needs to have a content marketing campaign just like the big guys. While the cards may seemed to be stacked against you, there are ways to even things out. 

    Your company may have a smaller budget and less people working in marketing.  But, you can still compete with firms many times your size. Following are some content marketing ideas for your small business:

    Steady as She Goes

    You can't do everything at once in your content marketing campaign. Start small, find a path that works for you and stay steady on that road. You will probably begin with a blog. You can branch out later and try out new ideas. Find something that works to start with and stick with it.

    Content is content

    Whether you are a big or small business your website content helps define your brand. Your company can grow and expand as followers interact with your site. As a small guy you may have to take a very active role in updating website content, especially your blog.

    Update that content

    Don't let the content on your site get old and stale. You will have to update your blog and any other content on a regular basis. If people visit your site and see the same old things they will quit coming. Stay up on things with fresh content.

    Have a calendar

    As you have to have fresh content you need to get on a schedule and plan out how you will update your website. Sit down and plan out your strategy on when and how you will refresh you site's content. Try to plan out your calendar a few months in advance, or more if you can. Don't get too far ahead of the game though. Things can change fast.

    Get personal

    You and your company have a story. This is where you can really show your personality. There is no better way to connect with followers and prospective customers than telling your story. How did the business get started? What does it stand for? Just make sure your content fits in with the overall theme of your website and your business.

    Play up your strengths

    Since you will be doing a lot of the marketing yourself or with a small team find out what you really enjoy and focus on that. It will be much easier in your content marketing campaign if you enjoy what you are creating. If you like to write make sure you take care of the blog. You may be better taking photos and making videos. Use your strengths to your advantage. In areas you don't enjoy or are not competent at use other team members or outsource that content.

    Think community

    Not all of your content marketing campaign has to be done online. You can get your name out and show what you stand for by getting involved in local endeavors. Sponsor a Little League baseball team. Donate books to the neighborhood library. Stay in front of potential customers with your marketing message.

    Cross promote

    Get together with some non-competing business and agree to promote each other. Use coupons, flyers, links on each other's websites and bundled promotions to reach new people. This can be done online on social media also by promoting each other's businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

    Give something away

    Prospective customers will be much more likely to purchase your product or service if they have a chance to experience it. Be proactive and give away free trials and samples. Create a buzz about your business.

    Even if you're dealing with a small fry (compared to the competitors), you need to remember that you are in constant competition with others in your field. You won't be at a disadvantage just because you don't have the manpower or the big marketing budgets bigger companies have.

    Apply some creative thinking and elbow grease to your content marketing campaign and you can level the playing field, or at least tilt it to your advantage. You might be small but with the right strategy in place, you can compete with the big boys!

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