Integrate Zerys Into Your Software - With the Zerys API

What is the Zerys API?

The Zerys API is a set of simple database protocols that allows you to quickly and easily integrate Zerys directly into your existing software.

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WIth the Zerys API, you can control many of the features and functions within the Zerys software, including:

  • Specifying order details including writer instructions, word count range, keyword, keyword density, order type, and more

  • Placing an order for an unlimited number of documents within a project

  • Checking the status of your content orders

  • Reviewing completed content and either approving, requesting revision, or rejecting


What You Can Do With It
The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few possible uses:

  • Integrate Zerys into your existing content management system

  • Connect Zerys to your ordering process for fast bulk ordering and tracking

  • Integrate Zerys into the look and feel of your platform to make it easy for your users to order quality content right from within your software

API Integrations

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Over the years, registrars have diversified their revenue streams to include much more than just selling domains. Many registrars now offer web hosting, web design, SEO, and other online marketing tools. The one service they do not yet offer is perhaps the single most critical piece of the marketing equation these days: high quality, search engine optimized web content. That's because the right technology hasn't made it simple and affordable for the masses... until now.

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CMS Platforms

Up until now, content management systems only allowed clients to "manage"the content on their sites. Unfortunately, the hard part is getting the content on the site in the first place! Integrate our software directly into your applications and let your clients easily order high quality, affordable, search engine optimized content. Let your clients use the marketplace, or set a flat rate and mark up the cost.


Marketing Automation Platforms

Automating the marketing process frees up valuable time for any website owner. However, your clients will need to have a steady stream of quality content in order for their marketing efforts (and yours) to be successful. The project management system built into Zerys for Agencies allows your clients to plan ahead and keep each content project moving forward to have new content available for marketing on an ongoing basis.


Site Builder Platforms

The actual creation of a website is much easier now than it used to be. Layout and designs can be changed on the fly. A website without content, however, is nothing more than a pretty picture. Integrating our content marketplace directly into site builders allows your smaller clients to have easy access to writers that they might not be able to afford otherwise and your larger clients a way to blend their own writers with those from our writer network to expand their team and scale affordably, all while having access to a powerful project management system to keep everything straight.