7 Steps for Killing it at Curation

Posted by Nancy M Ruff

Curation has a serious role in any professional content marketing plan. And despite “curate” recently topping a CNBC list of overused words, content curation remains a great tool for educating your audience. It’s used to build brand awareness, establish credibility, and offer valuable information and solutions, helping your brand achieve greater user engagement and improved site traffic.

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Curated Blog Posts Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jody Pellerin

Your blog is a primary pillar in your content marketing strategy. It does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to fresh content on a regular basis. But writing a brand new post is time-consuming. If you are running a small business, time is something you never have enough of.

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Curated Content: A Foundation of Content Marketing

Posted by Jody Pellerin

The content beast is forever an open maw, crying for you to feed it every moment with fresh articles, blog posts, video, and more. There is a constant clamor from the high priests of marketing that more content is better. And we all understand that the seller-buyer relationship has changed with advent of digital marketing. How can you keep up with these demands?

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3 Ideas For Using Content Curation To Master "Information Overload"

Posted by Susan Davis

Any effective content marketing strategy includes efficient content curation, which involves multiple tasks such as researching, creating, writing, editing and other general publishing activities. With all of the content resources available today, it is easy for any content curator to become overwhelmed. Below are three ideas for using content curation to master information overload.

1. Focus on Quality. There are innumerable digital resources of information and entertainment, from news streams to articles, blogs, videos, images and tweets, all of which are utilized in a robust content marketing strategy.

First, manage where your attention is placed. Devise a plan that lists the daily and weekly schedule of activities to accomplish. Break down each key task of the curation project into segments. Consider the concentration level and focus that each kind of task requires and schedule it accordingly. For instance, anything that requires complete focus may be more easily accomplished early in the day, when there are fewer interruptions.

Time spent on tasks such as scanning for content sources could be limited, perhaps by using a timer. It is also useful to intersperse scanning activities into the work day as a kind of “break” from other business related tasks.

Determine the content resources that are the most relevant for the website or portal. Then organize and filter them so that the content will make sense to the readership. Sharing the best material within the network is the key to any great content marketing strategy.

One of the goals in content curation should be to establish trust. In this way, content curation mimics branding. There is an old saying: “You are your friends.” This is also true with content marketing strategies. When it comes to curation, whatever sources are being promoted get associated with the site they are visible on. This is why evaluating content prior to sharing is so essential.

2. Use Automation. Utilizing news resources in content curation has been quite effective. Consumers today are accustomed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in a variety of industries. The best website content includes having an interest, as well as insight, into the industry the business serves.

Because news is so immediate, information needs to be managed efficiently. Using an RSS feed reader is an efficient way to automate the process of sifting through news sources. RSS feeds can provide the best, most current information sources that can be blended into content which is more usable for curation purposes.

The foundation of any strong content marketing strategy involves keyword research. This is why content curators need to have excellent listening and social media monitoring skills. Along with a disciplined routine to select the best sources, knowing the correct keywords on each topic is critical. Only then will aggregation create the most fruitful results.

Proficient content curation involves keeping information fresh by continually scouting new sources. One way to make this task more efficient is to check to see what is trending on Twitter and other heavily trafficked social media networks daily. Think of ways to connect what people are talking about to the business being promoted. Then incorporate that into the content marketing strategy designed to motivate prospects toward interaction.

The goal is to focus on creativity and then coordinate content across multiple channels. Integrated social media is one of the best ways to leverage your content marketing strategy more proficiently.

3.  Monitor Data Sources. It may seem like a given, but in order to really engage an effective content marketing strategy, curators need to be aware of what each data stream produces. For example, social media streams include interesting pieces of data, links, news and information. Resources should consistently provide the kind of information that can be served to readers after adding your own commentary. This will put the trend or information into the right context for your audience.

The process of sifting through data to find the most useful and yet still engaging content can be very time consuming. Usually, online marketing professionals and business owners involved in content curation wear many other hats, such as sales, accounting and customer service. Each of those responsibilities alone is usually a full time job. This is why having a system in place to manage content curation is so necessary and critical.

In the past ten years, society has gained the ability to create more data in just a few days than what was created in all of human history. With all of the resources available, a content marketing strategy that includes an effective management system can make the content curation process far less cumbersome.

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3 Reasons Why Content Curation Works for Your Business

Posted by Christine Parizo

Content curation has hit the mainstream. With the advent of Pinterest and other tools that make sharing as easy as a mouse click, everyone from high-powered executives to teenagers are sharing content across the Web. It adopts the same principles from social media - that your friends are your influencers. For marketers, that means embracing the tools available to reach consumers.

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