Z3 interface

1 New and Improved Design and Interface

  • blue arrowClean, modern design
  • blue arrowUser-friendly interface
  • blue arrowResponsive designed to be mobile-friendly

Z3 interface

2Powerful Suite of FREE Content Strategy and Planning Tools

  • blue arrowPlan a comprehensive content strategy
  • blue arrowSet-up all your content projects
  • blue arrowDiscover the best keywords/topics to write about
  • blue arrowCreate a list of engaging titles
  • blue arrowPlan your editorial calendar
  • blue arrow… all for free!
Z3 interface

3Interactive Content Strategy Guide and Planner

  • blue arrowDevelop a clear, comprehensive content strategy
  • blue arrowEach section includes helpful questions and exercises
  • blue arrowCreate an actionable plan to achieve content success!

Z3 interface

4New Content Types and Workflows

  • blue arrowChoose from several new content types
  • blue arrowEach content type has its own, unique ordering workflow
  • blue arrowEach workflow walks you, step-by-step, through the process
Z3 interface

5Integrated Editorial Calendar and Email Reminder System

  • blue arrowPlan out all your future content all in one place
  • blue arrowSet email reminders for key due dates
  • blue arrowFilter titles by content type, activity, or project
  • blue arrowSync with your Outlook or Google calendar

Z3 interface

6New SmartPost Pricing Guide

  • blue arrowHelps you determine the right price to offer for your needs
  • blue arrowFactors in research time and writer star-ratings
  • blue arrowChoose a pre-set bid price range, or enter your own custom range
Z3 interface

7New In-House Writer Assignment Workflow

  • blue arrowChoose to assign titles to yourself or someone on your internal team
  • blue arrowAccess to intelligent workflows to assign, create, review & publish content
  • blue arrowInvite others on your team to come in and collaborate on each document

Z3 interface

8Introducing – The New Content Services Marketplace

  • blue arrowNow, Zerys is more than just a professional writer marketplace
  • blue arrowSoon you’ll be able to hire a wide variety of content-related services as well
  • blue arrowServices include editing, project management, title creation, seo consulting, and more!
Z3 interface

9Hire Professional Editors to Review Your Content

  • blue arrowChoose to have your content reviewed by a professional editor before you review it
  • blue arrowUse the same SmartPost technology that helped you sample and identify top writing talent to build a team of trusted favorite editors
  • blue arrowAvailable editing services include basic proof-reading, all the way to advanced editing, fact checking, and image suggestion

Z3 interface

10Advanced Collaboration Tools Help You Refine and Publish Your Content

  • blue arrowDuring the review process, invite others on your team to come in and review a piece of content
  • blue arrowEach person on your team can create their own separate version of the content, without altering the master version
  • blue arrowCompare all user versions and choose the best aspects to use for the final, master version
Z3 interface

11New User Forum and Community Support

  • blue arrowGet fast, friendly help whenever you need it
  • blue arrowInteract with our support staff and members of the Zerys community
  • blue arrowJust scroll to bottom of each screen for screen-specific help