Support Session Types

1. Basic Zerys Demo

Description:   A Zerys support rep will walk you through a brief demo and overview of the Zerys platform. A sample account will be used (as opposed to working in your own account). No actual topics or titles will be created or assigned to writers in your account.

Best Option When:  You're still in the exploring stage and are not yet ready to actually setup your first content project. 

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2. Free Premium Support!

Description:  Your dedicated content specialists will work closely with you to help you setup your first content project from start to finish. 

This includes:

1. Help you research and develop an initial list of topics to write about
2. Create a handful of interesting, compelling titles you’d like written
3. Use our award-winning crowd-sourcing technology to help you determine which writers to sample
4. Post your titles to your sample writer group so you can begin reviewing a few matching writers and identify at least one that you love!

Best Option When:   You need dedicated help and support from a content marketing specialist every step of the way

Note:  In order for us to invest this much time into your project, we ask that you deposit a minimum $500 deposit into your Zerys account in order to qualify for Premium Support. This is NOT a fee. Premium Support is FREE. This is simply a good-faith deposit that shows us you are serious about succeeding. You can use 100% of these funds to purchase content from your writers and it is fully refundable.

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