Support Session Types

1. Basic Zerys Demo

Description:   A Zerys support rep will walk you through a brief demo and overview of the Zerys platform. A sample account will be used (as opposed to working in your own account). No actual topics or titles will be created or assigned to writers in your account.

Best Option When:  You're still in the exploring stage and are not yet ready to actually setup your first content project

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2. Getting Started Training

Description:   Your Zerys support rep will work with you within your account (not a sample account), and will help you set up your first project. This includes coming up with a few topics and titles, and posting them to the best writers. Later, you can schedule another one of these sessions if you'd like help reviewing your initial content and identifying the best writers to add to your team.

Best Option When:   You're ready to jump in and start using Zerys, but need some help getting started

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3. Premium, Unlimited, Dedicated Support!

Description:   Unlike basic Getting Started Training that offers limited time and support, your dedicated content specialists will actually work WITH you in your account for as long as you need! You will get help coming up with as many topics and titles as you need. Then, your rep will help you use SmartPost to find the best writers for your specific needs. When the writers complete their work, your rep will help you review the content and choose the best writers to work with in the future.

Best Option When:   You need dedicated help and support from a content marketing specialist every step of the way!

Note: A minimum deposit is required. However, your deposit is applied 100% to content purchases and is fully refundable. See Deposit Funds screen in your account for more details

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