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Brief Overview

  • Watch a brief summary of the Zerys for Agencies system




Select Your Client Portal Settings

  • Choose to whether or not to allow your clients to log-in to a private labeled portal

  • Choose which specific actions you'd like your clients to be able to perform within their portal

Create a Long-Term Project

  • Projects allow you to create saved order templates for each client

  • Wizard walks you through each step in the project set-up process



Send Client Custom Questionnaire (optional)

  • Ability to create custom questionnaire templates

  • Option to send questionnaire to your client to fill out and submit back to you



Describe What You Need to the Writers

  • These instructions will apply to all future titles ordered within this project

  • In future steps, you can provide page-specific instruction



Select Keywords  (Page Topics)

  • Enter Keywords Manually or use the built-in Keyword Research Tool

  • Discover the best keywords to target based on search volume and competition data

  • Build a master list of target keywords/page topics

Research/Create Page Titles

  • Create a search optimized page title for each keyword you wish to have a page of content written for

  • Create titles yourself, or use the title suggestion tool for ideas

  • Get title ideas by viewing what your competitions is writing about!

Select SEO Settings

  • Choose an appropriate keyword density that will not cause content to sound awkward

Assign Titles to Writer(s)

2 ways to order content from writers:

1:  Post individual titles to the job board to sample different writers  (name your own price)

2:  Order directly from one writer in your “My Favorite Writers” list  (negotiate long-term rate with writer)

Review Content

  • Quickly review each page and easily request revisions if necessary

  • If you’re not 100% happy with a specific page, reject it and your funds will be instantly returned to your account

  • If you like the quality of the writer, add the writer to your favorites and assign future work directly to him/her

Export Content

  • Export your content in a wide variety of formats for easy publishing to your website

  • Or, auto-publish directly to Hubspot, Wordpress, and other platforms!

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