David Oglivy
    Do not address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.
    - David Oglivy
    CC Chapman
    People just jump right to, ‘We’re going to create this really cool thing and put it out there and people are going to magically find it.’ You have to market your marketing.
    - CC Chapman
    Benjamin Franklin
    Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.
    - Benjamin Franklin
    Mark Shaeffer
    If you create great content, huzzah. But if it doesn’t move anywhere, you’re not succeeding.
    - Mark Shaeffer
    Leo Burnett
    Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.
    - Leo Burnett
    Arjun Basu
    Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.
    - Arjun Basu
    Stephen King
    Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.
    - Stephen King
    Chris Brogan
    No matter what, the very first piece social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.
    - Chris Brogan
    Maya Angelou
    The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.
    - Maya Angelou
    Amber Naslund
    Quit counting fans, followers, and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you're hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you're doing.
    - Amber Naslund
    Lee Odden
    Content marketing isn’t just about adding more content; it’s about creating information for a target audience that has a particular purpose and intended outcome. Content drives awareness but also social interaction, customer engagement and sales.
    - Lee Odden
    Melissa Fach
    You will fail without diverse content marketing strategies and an active community.
    - Melissa Fach
    Lisa Barone
    We’ve seen a shift away from creating ‘unique content’ to creating ‘purposeful content’ that will contribute value and benefit customers for years.
    - Lisa Barone
    Oscar Wilde
    Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
    - Oscar Wilde
    Gisele Navarro Méndez
    Nowadays, we all know that there’s no room for a strategy that doesn’t take into consideration consumer behavior and their needs, the website's design, and its precious content.
    - Gisele Navarro Méndez
    Pam Moore
    You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.
    - Pam Moore
    Chris Brogan
    Don’t settle: Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.
    - Chris Brogan
    Lee Odden
    Content is the reason search began in the first place.
    - Lee Odden
    Tom Fishburne
    The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.
    - Tom Fishburne
    Avinash Kaushik
    Content is anything that adds value to the reader”s life.
    - Avinash Kaushik
    Todd Wheatland
    Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.
    - Todd Wheatland
    Don Schultz
    Social media creates communities, not markets.
    - Don Schultz
    Mike Volpe
    Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing
    - Mike Volpe
    Andrew Davis
    Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.
    - Andrew Davis
    Michael Hyatt
    Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.
    - Michael Hyatt
    Carrie Kerpen
    Focus on the present…It”s the best gift you can give yourself.
    - Carrie Kerpen
    Shiv Singh
    Just as you don’t need to be on every single TV channel, I don’t believe a brand needs to be on every single social media one in a big way.
    - Shiv Singh
    Brian Solis
    Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology
    - Brian Solis
    Christopher Mims
    Nothing begets creativity like constraints.
    - Christopher Mims
    Mike Stelzner
    Empower your readers with social sharing buttons
    - Mike Stelzner
    Scott Stratten
    Too often, feeling intimidated becomes our excuse not to be awesome.
    - Scott Stratten
    Deborah Lee
    The importance of gratitude is never forgotten.
    - Deborah Lee
    Christine Korda
    This is a learning process and sometimes you have to fall in order to learn things.
    - Christine Korda
    Lori Taylor
    Going viral is not an outcome; it's a happening. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't. Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity.
    - Lori Taylor
    Yacine Baroudi
    Our digital future is about enabling better productivity and decisions making to enjoy a better quality of life.
    - Yacine Baroudi
    Erik Qualman
    Successful companies in social media function more like entertainment companies, publishers, or party planners than as traditional advertisers.
    - Erik Qualman
    Christopher Penn
    Find your spirit, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals.
    - Christopher Penn
    Chris Goward
    Average conversion rates are meaningless. Switzerland on average is flat.
    - Chris Goward
    Seth Godin
    Why waste a sentence saying nothing?
    - Seth Godin
    Robert Cormier
    The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon
    - Robert Cormier
    Karl Pearson
    That which is measured improves.
    - Karl Pearson
    Ian Lurie
    Learn to love the data and, for heaven’s sake, write well.
    - Ian Lurie
    Brenda S. Stoltz
    Twitter is like a bar, Facebook is your living room and LinkedIn is the local chamber of commerce.
    - Brenda S. Stoltz
    Todd Wheatland
    Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.
    - Todd Wheatland
    Jonathan Mildenhall
    Amazing things happen when you listen to the consumer.
    - Jonathan Mildenhall
    Ann Handley
    What would your marketing look like if your customers signed your paycheck?
    - Ann Handley
    Randall Lane
    Tell a relevant, targeted, transparent story, and the whole world will share it.
    - Randall Lane
    Jay Baer
    A lot of companies are still using social as the world’s shortest press release.
    - Jay Baer
    Muhammed Ali
    I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.
    - Muhammed Ali
    Jef I. Richards
    Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset, because it is the rarest
    - Jef I. Richards
    Marva Collins
    Success doesn't come to you? You go to it
    - Marva Collins
    Fairfax Cone
    Advertising is what you do when you can't go see somebody. That's all it is
    - Fairfax Cone
    Frank Capra
    A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something
    - Frank Capra
    Robert Rose
    Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.
    - Robert Rose
    Ann Handley
    Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.
    - Ann Handley
    Joe Pulizzi
    Stop Writing about Everything. So many brands create content and try to cover everything, instead of focusing on the core niche that they can position themselves as an expert around. No one cares about your special recipe… Find your niche, and then go even more niche.
    - Joe Pulizzi
    Brian Clark
    A great headline mixed with a lame opening is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door in their face as they approach.
    - Brian Clark
    Mari Smith
    Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!
    - Mari Smith
    Doug Kessler
    Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.
    - Doug Kessler
    Jon Buscall
    Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.
    - Jon Buscall
    Marcus Sheridan
    Great content is the best sales tool in the world.
    - Marcus Sheridan
    Nancy Duarte
    Spending energy to understand the audience and carefully crafting a message that resonates with them means making a commitment of time and discipline to the process.
    - Nancy Duarte
    April Dunford
    Great Marketers are matchmakers. Find ways to get offerings people love in front of the people most likely to love them.
    - April Dunford
    Jamie Turner
    The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.
    - Jamie Turner
    Gilad de Vries
    The bottom line is that there is only one true branding mechanism online and that’s content marketing.
    - Gilad de Vries
    Amy Treanor
    Trust has never been more important as a corporate asset, and it needs to be managed for people to believe the information that you’re putting out.
    - Amy Treanor
    Lee Odden
    You have to empathize with your target audience in three ways: how they discover information, their preferences for consumption — which drills down to channels, devices and content — and what motivates them to take action.
    - Lee Odden
    Jon Miller
    We wrote our first blog post before we wrote our first line of code.
    - Jon Miller
    Lee Odden
    Modern day marketers should focus on understanding their customers, what topics are relevant to guide sales and leverage keyword research into an editorial plan and social media engagement program.
    - Lee Odden
    Lisa Barone
    We know that Google is using social signals as part of its ranking algorithm… Growing a community and a healthy social media following is something that businesses of all sizes need to worry about.
    - Lisa Barone
    Melissa Fach
    You cannot be successful without content and SEO combined. I know there are those that get a site to the top of page one with crappy content, but they have nothing in place for conversion and maintaining a solid audience. So, even if you get to #1 without the right content, you fail anyway.
    - Melissa Fach
    Jay Baer
    Content is fire, social media is gasoline.
    - Jay Baer
    Michael Brenner
    Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce
    - Michael Brenner
    Jeff Bullas
    Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.
    - Jeff Bullas
    Joe Chernov
    Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.
    - Joe Chernov
    Andrew Davis
    You can’t be everything to everyone but you can be something to someone.
    - Andrew Davis
    Jon Loomer
    Getting the Like is easy. It”s a light action. Anything else requires trust.
    - Jon Loomer
    Kim Garst
    Sell-sell-sell sales methods simply do not work on social media.
    - Kim Garst
    Tom Cates
    Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.
    - Tom Cates
    Heidi Cohen
    As social media grows and matures, showing a return becomes critical.
    - Heidi Cohen
    Neil Patel
    You can’t just place a few “Buy” buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy.
    - Neil Patel
    Brian Clark
    On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out 10 will read the rest.
    - Brian Clark
    Andrea Vahl
    You can’t push your sales messages on your fans too often.
    - Andrea Vahl
    Amy Porterfield
    Incorporate easy email marketing strategies with your Facebook efforts to see bigger results (aka profits!)
    - Amy Porterfield
    Francisco Rosales
    When people feel insecure about something, they look around for validation. Show them that other people trust you.
    - Francisco Rosales
    Ekaterina Walter
    Word of mouth can be as important, if not more important, for neighborhood businesses as traditional advertising
    - Ekaterina Walter
    Kristi Hines
    Start an editorial calendar that everyone involved in your blog (writers, editors, marketing team, etc.) can access.
    - Kristi Hines
    Seth Godin
    The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.
    - Seth Godin
    Naomi Niles
    What you prefer or what your designer prefers doesn't matter if it’s not getting you conversions.
    - Naomi Niles
    Neil Patel
    Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue.
    - Neil Patel
    Steve Krug
    Remove 50 percent of the copy on your page, then remove half of what’s left.
    - Steve Krug
    Corey Eridon
    Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.
    - Corey Eridon
    Hunter Boyle
    There are countless ways to build lists, but trust is what builds relationships.
    - Hunter Boyle
    Li Evans
    Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins.
    - Li Evans
    Cyrus Shephard
    90 percent of your effort should go into creating great content, and 10 percent into link building.
    - Cyrus Shephard
    Guy Kawasaki
    If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.
    - Guy Kawasaki
    Joe Chernov
    What is quality content? Ultimately, the consumer decides.
    - Joe Chernov
    Don Schultz
    Social media creates communities, not markets.
    - Don Schultz
    Jonathan Mildenhal
    Going forward, real-time marketing is going to be the holy grail of marketing.
    - Jonathan Mildenhal
    Jonathan Lister
    As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.
    - Jonathan Lister
    Ann Handley
    Empathy is not what you do, but what you do for your customers.
    - Ann Handley
    Phil Kotler
    Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.
    - Phil Kotler
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
    Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
    - Oliver Wendell Holmes
    Craig Davis
    We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.
    - Craig Davis
    Winston Churchill
    It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.
    - Winston Churchill
    Lord Leverhulme
    Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I don’t know which half.
    - Lord Leverhulme