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Zerys is a division of Interact Media, LLC. The company was founded in 2008 by Steve Lazuka, a pioneer that has been shaping the content marketing industry for over 20 years. Back in 1998, Steve co-founded an SEO company called Website Results out of Los Angeles, CA. The company specialized in helping companies get listed in cutting edge search engines like Alta Vista, Excite, and HotBot. Steve was in the room when a few guys names Larry and Sergey introduced a new search engine called Google. Everyone laughed at the weird name. In 2000, Steve’s first company sold to 24/7 Media in the largest sale of an SEO company at the time.

After spending a few years playing the SEO cat and mouse game, Steve realized that what search engines really want is great content. So, in 2001, he founded a content agency called Infosearch Media out of Marina Del Rey, CA, and began pioneering the emerging field of content marketing. The company created in-depth content for thousands of small and large businesses including Ebay and Ehow. The company accomplished this by building it’s own private systems and workflows combined with a network of talented writers and editors. In 2005, Infosearch became the first public content marketing company.

Steve founded Interact Media in 2008 out of Cleveland, OH. The initial goal was to build another content agency, but Steve looked around and realized there were still no platforms that made it easy for businesses or agencies to plan and produce great content and find top notch writing and editing talent. So, in 2010, Steve and his team launched the Zerys and Zerys for Agencies platforms. The idea was to help any business or agency plan their content calendar, and then create great content written by top notch writers. The company began building a network of writers and quickly grew to thousands of users. In 2016, Zerys began offering managed content services to companies who lacked the internal time or resources to manage their own content projects.

What are we most proud of? What keeps us going every day is being able to help businesses succeed, while at the same time helping thousands of writers earn an income from home, doing what they love. We love getting so many letters from our writers telling us how much they appreciate being able to work from home and spend more time with their families. This is what makes all the hard work all worth it to us every day.

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Our Team

Steve Lazuka, Founder/President

Raj Halaharvi, Chief Technology Officer

Chris McKenna, Treasurer/Advisory Board

Chelladurai Kumar, Senior Developer and Team Leader

Dipendra Thapa, Senior Developer and Designer

Deb Hawkins, VIP Support

Katie McFarlin, Director of Client Services

William Sheehan, Premium Support Manager

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