Blogging Myths

    Myth #1: It's Easy

    If you want to blog well and create content that engages and inspires your readers, it's going to take some effort.

    Myth #2: Just Write What You Feel!

    You need to write content that your readers want to read. Put them first in order to have a winning strategy.

    Myth #3: Don't Write Long Posts!

    Long form content has it's place. In face, you can actually engage more readers by providing in-depth, interesting content.

    Myth #4: Just Write When You Have The Time!

    Develop a regular publishing schedule and stick to it! Your readers won't forget you and they'll make it a habit to check your blog.

    Myth #5: Use Any Old Title!

    Carefully craft your titles using a mix of proven formulas, keywords and power words that will grab your reader's attention.

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