Amazing Blog Titles

Step 1: You Gotta Have a Strategy!

Who is in charge of creating your titles? Picks the person who is most creative -- if that's you -- great!

Now -- who is going to review and approve those titles? Once you have these questions answered, move to the next step!

Step 2: Build a Topic List

There are three great ways to build a list of topics you can keep going back to time and again:

  • Ask your audience
  • Ask your team or customer support
  • Keyword research (psst - this method works the best!)

Step 3: Expand That List Into Titles!

Go to your topic list and categorize and prioritize it. Which topics are the most interesting or important?

Writer those! Just three more steps to go!

Step 4: Choose Your Title Creation Method

You can just go freestyle and use what comes to mind, or... you could use proven title formulas!

For Example:

  • Top XX Lists
  • The How-To
  • The Expert Advice

Step 5: Add Some Power Words!

You want to make an impact right? Don't forget to use words that personalize, add some mystery and are actionable.

Think: You / Your / Discover / Learn

Step 6: Review, Refine and Collaborate

Two minds are better then one, right?

Review the titles you create with someone else - chances are, they'll have some great ideas to make them even better!

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