The Challenge

It all began when Telford adopted the inbound marketing approach to better market his online business. He embraced blogging, but quickly ran into a production problem. Telford found that he didn’t have the time to produce captivating, quality content while still managing his business.

Unless you’re a natural writer, being able to come up with that on your own is not as easy as you might think.

The Solution

Connecting with Zerys For Agencies, Telford quickly realized the benefits of partnering with a content web-based platform.

During his initial experience with Zerys, he dedicated time to truly understanding the Zerys platform through online training tools. He was surprised when founder Steve Lazuka personally reached out to Telford to help answer any primary questions. Telford thought it was unique that a company owner would offer first-hand help and advice. Once he understood the platform, he began seeing immediate results. The time spent learning the platform was worth the end result.

The software enables you to help market. But that software alone - if you don’t work it it's not going to work for you.

The Impact

The Zerys For Agencies system not only impacted his online rental business, but also inspired him to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey with his own content agency. Following his experience with Zerys, he became inspired to help other small business owners achieve success in their niche areas, and launch a content agency of his own, 98toGo.

Today, 98toGo has nearly 95 clients, and Telford is seeing the Zerys influence in client results. Those that publish more content are also receiving higher web traffic. The results, both qualitative and quantitative, made a lasting impression on Telford that he carries forth within his own agency.

And, when it comes to Cedar Creek, it’s given him “peace of mind.” Telford takes comfort in the systematic nature of Zerys. He knows that his ever-flowing content will drive consistent traffic to his website, which will help his business “thrive.” He doesn’t have to worry about where the next content project is coming from; he already knows.

It’s given us a scalable way to provide content to many many businesses. We can scale our company as large as we can go. The sky is the limit.