Ways to Blogging Success

Want to have a successful blog? Before you get started, you have to build a strong foundation!

Step 1: Set a Goal!

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Sit down and come up with at least 3 clear and attainable goals you would like to reach. Write these goals down and keep them where you can see them.

Step 2: Choose the Right Topics

Research what topics are right for your readers and your niche. Keyword research is a great way to come up with relevant topics that people already want to know more about!

Step 3: Create Reader Personas

Want to make sure you are reaching the right audience? Create a buyer or reader persona and develop a plan based around what content that particular audience is going to want to read.

Step 4: Put Together a Promotional Plan

You've worked hard to get tot his point, but if you don't share your work, your efforts will be wasted! Decide how you are going to promote your content and what social channels you will be using to spread your message.

Step 5: Set Benchmarks and Track Your Efforts

You can produce better content by setting benchmarks and using analytics to track your content's success. See if you are making progress and fine-tune your approach until you hit your benchmarks. Then, it's time to set the bar higher!

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