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In this practical, informative white paper, you'll learn:

  • How to power all your online marketing efforts with quality information
  • How to run an effective business blog without having to do it yourself

The simplest way to implement an effective content marketing strategy is to add a blog to your website and publish regular, quality posts that provide advice, tips and information to your target audience. An active blog filled with quality information can power all your online marketing efforts, including your reputation management, your email marketing and your social media postings. It's not something you can produce using interns or inexperienced writers, however. To make your business blog successful, you'll need to take it seriously enough to allocate some marketing dollars to it.

Here are our top 10 reasons why hiring blog writing services will give you the edge:

1. Enables You to Focus on Business

Most business owners and managers understand that great content is now vitally important to the company's online success. You're aware that you should be writing and publishing blog posts regularly, but it's difficult to balance this with your other responsibilities, such as providing excellent service to your customers, managing employees, and keeping an eye on your bottom line. Outsourcing various functions including financial management, HR, and marketing have become a commonplace solution to this issue. Even if you don’t require a full-fledged marketing service, outsourcing your blog writing frees up your time to focus on running the business - without neglecting an essential task.

2. Allows for Timely, Regular Publishing

Publishing fresh content regularly will give users a reason to come back to your website often. This will increase your chances of reaching them with your message and getting them to remember your company. That increases your chances of converting them into a lead, and eventually perhaps into a customer.

Publishing content according to a pre-determined schedule helps you follow a regular timetable, instead of posting sporadically. According to research from HubSpot, the ideal frequency for posting is 16 times per month or approximately four times per week. For a small- to medium-sized business, the minimum should be one post per week. If even weekly blogs are outside your budget, however, two blog posts per month are still vastly better than nothing.

Creating and uploading anything more than a post every second week becomes challenging for a business owner, however. When you’re under pressure buying raw materials, meeting with clients, closing deals and overseeing operations, it may be impossible to create and publish blog posts on a fixed schedule. Unless you do, however, you’ll find your blog slipping in search and fewer leads being generated by your content. Contracting with blog writing services enables you to produce and publish the materials you need regularly, and on time.

3. Helps You Choose Engaging Topics

One of the challenging aspects of content marketing is finding engaging topics to write about, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Unless you’re able to spend significant time doing research and connecting with your audience to discover their areas of interest, you could miss the mark. To be truly engaging, the topics you choose need to:

  • Seize the attention of the audience, and boost their desire to find out more
  • Be relevant to issues you reader is grappling with at the moment
  • Make an emotional connection with the reader
  • Provide users with information they can’t find easily anywhere else
  • Be entertaining, useful or both

A professional blog writing service provider accesses industry research and statistical details to identify topics readers are searching for, and builds your blogging schedule around an editorial calendar based on them.

4. Gives You Keyword Research Expertise

Keyword research is a vital aspect of content marketing, which requires expertise many business managers don’t have. Both users and search engines depend on the accuracy of your keyword strategy to find your site, whether it’s through your blog, online marketing or paid advertising.

Effective keyword research enables you to target your message to the right audience, and to reach them through your ranking in search. This requires an understanding of issues such as long-tail keywords, semantic search, and intent-based terms. Although various keyword research tools are available on a subscription basis, this can be expensive for occasional use. By using a service provider, you’ll benefit from having access to sophisticated research applications and the knowledge to use them competently.

Blog writing services with strong SEO experience can help you research and identify the best key terms to target and formulate effective, long-tail keywords to incorporate into your blog content.

5. Optimize for Ranking

One of the main goals of creating content is to have it rank in the search engines. To do that successfully, it's essential to create really great, informative, interesting and helpful content. This will result in Google and other search engine choosing your content over other sites to display high up in the results.

To make sure your blog is well-ranked for your main search terms, it needs to conform to criteria such as:

  • Incorporating the right keywords turned up by your research;
  • Using keywords an appropriate number of times in the copy, without making it sound as if you have “stuffed” them in;
  • Including links in the copy to other blogs on your site, as well as authoritative external websites, such as university and government sites.

Getting this right requires you to be able to write really interesting, informative and engaging content that includes appropriate use of the keyword a couple of times. Effective blog writing services will produce content optimized to rank higher in search engines, and help you achieve your traffic targets.

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6. Source Professional Writers

The ongoing popularity of content marketing emphasizes the importance of good written communications, but too many companies still use unprofessional writers—and it shows. Websites, business blogs, social networking profiles and email marketing are all very effective marketing tools, but only when they are crafted by professional writers who know what they are doing. Poor quality written content on your blog affects your credibility in your industry, as well as your reputation as an expert in your field.

It’s understandable that as a business owner or manager, writing blog content may not be within your own personal skill set. To find, screen and subcontract professionally-trained blog writers is time-consuming, particularly when you combine this with the need for them to have industry experience.

A blog writing service will do all the legwork for you, handle sourcing for writers with suitable experience, and manage communication with the writers from start to finish. This frees you up to focus on running your business, while still enabling you to publish professional-quality content created specifically for your business.

7. Stick to the Content Budget

Operating according to a budget is vital for success in any business, and you want to avoid incurring unexpected costs. Spending your own time writing for your blog is more expensive when you consider the value of your time. Alternatively, if you employ full or part-time writers, you’ll need to ensure they work within your budget for every piece of writing - on top of the resources you spend vetting and managing them.

Part of good financial management is getting a return on your investment, and quality content produced by professional writers delivers a powerful ROI. The reasons are compelling, as a blog writing service allows you to:

  • Market your products and services successfully,
  • Provide support to your customers by answering their questions and building trust through your content; and,
  • Attract more visitors to your website who can ultimately become prospects.

Professional blog writing services implement specific, agreed-upon pricing plans for content requirements, which remain steady unless the scope of the work changes. You are better able to align production with your marketing budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

8. Avoid Common Mistakes

A professional writer knows how to avoid common blog writing mistakes, such as using the wrong tone for your target audience. Writing that’s too stiff can put off younger writers, while a tone that’s too informal might alienate business people. Other issues include:

  • Creating “brain dumps” that aren’t properly organized. An inexperienced blogger might feel the urge to just “sit down and write.” Without efficient organization, the blog posts won’t flow well and could lead to readers having to backtrack to clarify information.
  • Providing insufficient evidence of quoted facts through citations and links to authoritative sources. The use of data that supports any claims you make in a blog post vastly increases the credibility of the work—both for human readers and for search engines.
  • Not editing and proofreading posts several times. Few things are guaranteed to turn off a reader more than grammatical errors or typos, but unless you have a degree in English, it’s easy to miss some of the more subtle nuances.

These mistakes are often innocent and simply the result of inexperience. While they are seldom intentional, they can have a significant effect on the success of your blog.

9. Keep Up to Date with Changing Trends

Content marketing trends are changing regularly, and often what applies today is out of date tomorrow. If you're juggling blog writing with your other responsibilities, it could be difficult to keep up with the changes. In January 2017, for example, the Content Marketing Institute stated that longer, meatier blog posts are becoming more popular than “snackable” content, and that more blog publishers are using an extended editorial process that includes having a second set of eyes on everything before they publish it.

Hiring blog writing services whose principals have their fingers on the pulse of content marketing keeps you up to date on when to switch between short form and long form posts, or when the tide changes and a more conversational approach is on trend.

10. Follow Best Practices

Hiring a blog writing service with trained writers makes it easy for you to follow best practices in your content marketing. Some of the most important demands on a blog writer fall into this category, including:

Writing for readers

Google has announced over and over that it’s not about keywords, SEO or images—the secret is to write good quality content for your reader, and the search engines will show it respect.

Create compelling headlines

This is easier said than done for many business owners, who may not be especially creative and can’t think of a title, or use words most likely to stir interest.

Focusing on the message

Your blog is the perfect opportunity to deliver a concise message about a particular topic, by weaving it into the content throughout the blog post.

A professional writing service can provide adherence to these and other blogging practices.


Blogging is an essential part of marketing, and doing it right is necessary for every small business to be successful. You don’t have to be a professional writer or marketer to produce quality content. However, hiring blog writing services enables you to have an effective business blog without having to do it yourself.