1 At-A-Glance Account Dashboard


  • blue arrowEverything you need to know, in one place
  • blue arrowKeep track of your on-going work
  • blue arrowSee your current service stats

job board

2New and Improved Job Center


  • blue arrowClaim direct assignments
  • blue arrowCheck your favorite writer job board
  • blue arrowBrowse the open job board
  • blue arrowTrack the status of your jobs


New Communications and Support Features


  • blue arrowSee all of your ongoing correspondence with clients
  • blue arrowSearch through your conversations
  • blue arrowCheck direct messages and work messages in one spot


4Advanced Custom Reports


  • blue arrowKeep track of job status changes
  • blue arrowMonitor your earnings
  • blue arrowEasily find clients you've worked with in the past


5Custom Controls and Settings


  • blue arrowCreate your public profile for clients
  • blue arrowSelect your categories of expertise 
  • blue arrowEdit your PayPal information
  • blue arrowSet up your site preferences

6New Service Marketplace


  • blue arrowSign up for new service provider positions
  • blue arrowComing soon: Editing jobs
  • blue arrowNew service provider opportunities in the coming months
text editor

7New Open Source Text Editor


  • blue arrowEasily create and format your content
  • blue arrowView instructions right next to your content
  • blue arrowKeep track of your ongoing status in one place

What are Zerys Writers Saying About the New Z3 Platform?

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As for the new look and feel of Zerys, I haven't totally dug in yet, but from what I can see, I love it! It'll take a minute to get used to, like anything, but you can definitely see the enormous amount of work that was put into it. Thanks, Zerys!!! 

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I LOVE the new platform! The client I get my DAs from always has document-specific instructions and with the old system I was constantly scrolling back to them and losing my train of thought. I really love having them at hand while I'm writing.

I also love the new dashboard that allows me to see my earnings YTD, and current pay period.

I wanted to throw in my two cents and say a huge THANK YOU Zerys, I love it! - Tami




Thank you for keeping us updated! I really like - or better said, LOVE - the new work area! I personally appreciate all the hard work you, Beth and tech team have done! Thank you!




Hi all,

I am very excited about it all. I just wanted to jump in and say it all looks great so far. I am having no major issues and look forward to the entire system getting better and better as time goes on.




I'm loving the three column layout… having all of the information without scrolling is fantastic. Thanks, guys!