3 Keys to Developing Offers Your Client's Readers Will Love

    The point of content marketing is to position your client's business as an expert or a thought leader in the industry. Whenever someone has a question about something in the industry, the end goal is for your client to be their first destination for their answer. Although it is important to provide plenty of free, valuable content to show why potential customers should trust your client's company, the reality is that it's all done to make a sale. So at the end of the day, each blog post should include a concise call to action to show readers exactly what you want them to do.

    Content marketing can be an incredibly strong part of your client's sales funnel, so long as they're developing calls to action and offers that your client's readers will love. Here are 3 keys to creating these such offers.

    1. Determine what your client is going to give away in their opt-in.

    Include a call to action to directly buy services in some posts, but in others, offer your client's readers a powerful lead magnet that they won't be able to resist. Conduct a reader survey or look through FAQs to determine the type of content that your client's readers need, then figure out the best way to give it to them.

    Is it an ebook or a white paper? A video tutorial or a webinar? A week long email course? Or perhaps the best lead magnet/opt-in freebie is just a coupon or a discount for your client's products. Determine the best content to give away and the best medium for that content.

    2. Determine your client's small ticket item.

    The next step is to turn that new lead into a paying customer, even for the smallest amount of money. Maybe it's a cheap product that your client is willing to sell at cost in order to simply make a sale. Maybe it's a more in depth info product. The potential customer has seen what your client has to offer with the lead magnet; now it's time to reel them in.

    Discuss with your client what they want to sell at cost, for $1-7, just to make a sale and move the relationship from potential customer to customer. Studies show that once someone has bought something from you, even at the smallest dollar amount, they're more likely to be a return customer.

    3. Hit them with the core offer.

    The final step in your content marketing sales funnel is to hit the customer with the big ticket item. What is the product or service that your client is really trying to sell? Offer this up and your client can watch the sales come in.

    By following this sales funnel and going from blog post to lead magnet offer and so on, you're creating a funnel and an offer that your client's readers absolutely will not be able to resist. Although 100% of the lead magnet opt-ins will not follow through, a large enough percentage will that any losses cut in the at cost small ticket item will be made back and then some.

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