4 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Content for Optimal Performance

    You understand how important engaging content is for your clients' website success, so you probably spend a lot of time and energy making sure that the content you create for them not only attracts readers but also gets noticed by the search engines. Luckily, you don't always have to start from scratch when producing dynamic content for specific brands, products, and services.

    You can simply repurpose content that you've already produced by changing its format and focus in order to reach a variety of audiences your original content couldn't. Here are four effective ways to repurpose content for optimal performance and profits:


    Well designed whitepapers will help you to persuade current and prospective customers to do things like make a purchase, request a quote, or enter into a trial period for a specific service. Unlike brochures that typically include a sales pitch, whitepapers are designed to provide factual information and statistics as evidence that your products or services are superior to the competition.

    You may have a published blog post that outlines consumer trends within your niche that can be fleshed out to include customer satisfaction statistics, and then turned into a whitepaper geared toward businesses thinking about promoting your products or services.


    For those who prefer listening to content as opposed to reading it, why not create podcasts out of your already published pieces? Podcasts can be listened to in the car during a commute when reading isn't possible. They're also easily digestible during a workout or while on a plane so the possibility for exposure is virtually limitless. Having your blog posts read and recorded is one easy and effective method of repurposing content.


    By taking the time to repurpose content into eBooks, you have a great opportunity to compile a variety of different pieces you've previously published to create an in depth perspective, guide, or review that readers can learn something new from. Not only does this repurposing technique make it easy for your audience to access a variety of content on their favorite topics all in one place, but it provides you with ample space to promote your products and services without interfering with the eBook's overall message.

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    Videos are extremely popular among consumers because people tend to be visual creatures. They want to learn how to use a product by watching someone else do it in front of them, and they're interested in seeing a face behind the person reviewing a product instead of just reading about it. Just about any type of content can be turned into a video, even if you don't use live voices or people to create them. For example you can turn articles and blog posts into infographics, or use a nifty program to create a cartoon story about a product review your blog has recently featured.

    By implementing these marketing techniques into your overall content repurposing strategy, you'll save yourself plenty of time, money, and manpower that can be used to take on more clients. 

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