SMB's Can't "Do" Great Content... They Need Your Agency!

    We recently came to an important conclusion that has many implications for our own business model, as well as the content marketing industry as a whole:

    No matter how simple we make our do-it-yourself Zerys Content Platform, THE AVERAGE SMALL BUSINESS SIMPLY CANNOT MASTER CONTENT MARKETING ON THEIR OWN!

    It’s not that smaller marketers aren’t smart enough to do it. They simply don’t have the time and resources to do it in-house.

    This isn’t just my opinion. It’s based on 3 years of observations and data comparing over 8,000 Zerys for Marketers accounts (our do-it-yourself users), with over 3,000 agency clients (companies that hired agencies in our Zerys for Agencies network).

    All this data has clearly shown us that, while a few marketers succeed, most give up eventually.

    Meanwhile, clients that hire an agency that uses our Zerys for Agencies Platform, stick with content marketing much longer and get far better results when it comes to generating traffic, leads, and sales!

    How Could Anyone Expect Otherwise?

    When you really think about it, how could anyone really expect the average small business to master the art and science of planning, producing, polishing, and publishing great content all on their own? As an agency, you know how challenging content marketing can be. How can we expect the average small business to build a custom content publishing business within their company? They're busy enough just trying to run their own business!

    What All This Means for Your Agency

    This fact that content is so challenging for marketers has created an incredible opportunity right now for content agencies that learn how to create an efficient content publishing machine within their agency. If content were easy, everyone would be doing it. But since it's hard, marketers need YOU to help them!

    Given the sky-rocketing demand for custom content, if your agency can master the process of creating great content for clients (and master our Zerys for Agencies platform), there’s unlimited room for your agency to grow and prosper.

    We’ve seen a number of our Zerys for Agencies users scale up their operations to the point where they are now managing hundreds of client content projects and run profitable, multi-million dollar content divisions.

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    Let Us Help!

    Want to master the art and science of creating extraordinary content for your clients? Use the quick links below to learn more or schedule a support or training session. We truly want to help you succeed!

    (... and if you're truly serious about building a multi-million dollar content agency, please reply and let me know. You may qualify for our new premium, personalized agency consulting program. Myself and a few other previous content agency owners will review your current workflow and share what we've learned to help you build a more streamlined, profitable content business.. all for free!)

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