How to Improve the Social Influence of Your Clients

    If the focus of your company is to assist clients in getting ahead in the business world, you are probably aware that helping them improve their social media use and visibility is a major component of the efforts that you take to achieve this goal. However, have you ever thought about the social influence of your clients? Using social media is a good start, but the actual influence that your clients have when it comes to social media determines whether they are able to gain and retain their own clients. 

    About Social Influence

    Many companies assume that their social influence is directly tied to their number of followers, but this simply is not true. Your clients may have no problem gaining followers, but these individuals need to be engaged in order to improve social influence.

    The algorithms that are used to determine social influence generally take into account factors including the number of "likes" that your clients receive on their posts, shares of your clients' posts and how many time your clients have been mentioned on social media websites.

    Websites like Klout offer a score that helps you determine the social influence of your clients. These websites break down results to show the types of posts or activity that raise the score, and these reports are a valuable tool for forming a plan of action when it comes to improving the social influence of your clients. 

    Tips for Improving the Social Influence of Your Clients

    Now that you know a bit more about what social influence is and how it is calculated, you can work to improve the social influence of your clients. These tips will help you with this task for a more successful and satisfied client base.

    • Research hashtags or keywords that relate to your client's business. Using just one keyword or hashtag in each social media post can increase the chances that people will see the post when searching for the related word. While an increase in visibility does not automatically improve social influence, greater visibility will improve the chances that a wider audience will interact with your client via social media.
    • Encourage your clients to craft posts with the goal of engaging customers. Stating facts without asking a question tends to limit the number of people who engage with your clients, while adding a question or even encouraging followers to share the post will improve influence.
    • Have your clients use a website like Klout for one month to see how their activity changes their social influence score. Make sure that clients only check their scores a few times each week to ensure enough focus is being placed on improving the quality and timing of social media posts.
    • Ensure that your clients post to social media most days of the week. Social influence is highest when a person or company posts between five and seven days each week. 
    • Highlight the value of interacting with customers on a regular basis. Twitter chats and Facebook conversations in comment sections improve visibility and show your clients' customers that they are interested in what their customers have to say. 
    • Place a focus on the quality of content that your clients are providing to their customers. High-quality content that is relevant to their customers should also include current information that is not reiterated across the Internet. Companies with the best social influence are among the first to tell their customers about the latest developments in their field.

    Social media plays a huge role in the success of business today, and your clients are no exception. Understanding how your clients can maintain a high level of social influence allows you to work with them to achieve this goal.

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