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4 Unique Ways to Promote Content on Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm. It is the new form of word-of-mouth advertising. That is why every business is trying to leverage this communication channel in its marketing strategy. You want to get ahead of the curve in deploying social media resources in your marketing so that you become more effective than your competition in reaching your audience.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Social media marketing works best when used as part of a strategy known as content marketing. Your business creates content that positions you as a valuable information resource for your audience. When people see that you are an expert problem-solver in your field, they will turn to your business when they have a need. Once you create excellent content and post it to your blog, you will need to promote it on social media.

The key question is how to effectively promote your content on social media. To be successful, you are going to have go beyond the basics of just sharing your link with an image. Here are four unique ways to promote your content on social media platforms:

Post Your Content Multiple Times

The more times you post your content, the more likely it is that your audience will see it and share it. Of course, no one wants to see the same thing multiple times, so you want to vary the way you present this content. Here are some things that you can vary:

  • Headlines. You can change the headline of the link that you are sharing. Developing multiple headlines gives you a number of different ways to hook your readers into clicking on your content.

  • Images. You can change the image that accompanies the link. It is no longer enough to have one good image to accompany your link. It is best to find several images and share them in combination with different headlines.

  • Message: You can vary the message that accompanies the link. Different text can highlight different features of the content. Some messages might try to highlight benefits while others might focus on the problem that the content will solve. The more messages you craft, the more ways you can try to appeal to wide variety of readers.

You should also develop a schedule for sharing each piece of content. You might consider sharing three times the first week, two times the second week and once in the third week. Some people recommend sharing even more frequently, so experiment and find out what works best for your audience.

Paid Social Media Advertising

The day of using social media as free advertising are over. The value of relying solely on organic social media is rapidly shrinking. Moving forward, you are going to need to consider paying to promote your content on social media. Here are a few best practices in this area:

  • Use attractive images that show user experience and not just an image of the product. People respond better when you show them what they are going to get.

  • Use clear and direct text. Many social media sites favor ads with images, so keep the text simple.

  • Make sure there is a clear next step. You want to let your audience know what you want them to do.

There is a lot learn about paid social media advertising, so make sure that you are educated before you invest. You need to investigate which social media platform is right for you and what advertising options are available there.

Create Brand Advocates and Ambassadors

One really powerful aspect of social media promotion is that you can harness your social media connections to promote your content. When your employees, customers and other strategic partners come on board to promote your content, you amplify your reach exponentially. There are software tools that help you to manage and reward brand advocates for sharing your content.

Build Relationships with Strategic Partners

Whether you are a blogger or an online retailer, you want to build relationships with strategic partners. You can develop these partnerships with other exerts in your field. Online retailers might find strategic partners in the same niche who are not direct competitors. By identifying these influencers, developing relationships with them and contributing to their marketing, you can win their support. They, in turn, can help you promote your content and expand your audience.

Creating great content is just part of effective content marketing. Creatively promoting your content with social media is an important part of a successful marketing strategy.

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