6 Ways To Create A Memorable Brand

    In today's world your client's brand is vital to their marketing campaign.  A brand can be described as a name, symbol, design, term, sign, or a combination of any or all of these, that sets your client's business apart from all others. And, as you know, it's important in marketing to get people to see your client as the best solution to their issues, problems and concerns.

    In the Old West, "branding" was a way to differentiate one person's livestock from everyone else's by burning a symbol into the hide. In much the same way, by utilizing brand marketing techniques you are attempting to set yourself apart from others.

    Goals of Branding

    You want to achieve several goals with branding. Those goals are:

    • Deliver your message clearly
    • Cement your credibility
    • Connect with prospects on a personal level
    • Motivate those prospects
    • Secure user loyalty

    Develop a Great Brand

    There are certain things you will have to do to foster a great brand. These proven actions will help you to build a great company brand:


    You must own your name or a name that closely identifies with your services or products. This is your portal, think website, to get your message out. A brand can't be created without this step.


    After you create your domain you have to have a vehicle to get your word out. The best way to do this is a blog. A blog generally resides on your website. Here you can connect with prospects and let your personality shine through. This content needs to show you are an expert in your industry. Post your blogs on your site and also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and industry-related sites.

    Social Media

    Sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are great places to connect with prospects and existing customers. Have a photo of yourself so people can see you and get a feel for who you are. Be personal and interact with as many people as you can. Position yourself as the go-to person when people have questions and concerns not only about your products and services, but other's as well.

    Reinforce your brand

    You need to always do this. Don't let your brand become stagnant. Produce videos and podcasts. Compose a newsletter for followers. Comment on other blogs and on social media. Guest post on other blogs. Write an eBook. Keep your brand if front of people with relevant and timely content.


    You should put your personal brand information in as many places as you can. Your logo, avatar and whatever else you use to identify your brand should be put in places where they can be see. A few places you can do this are email signatures, forum signatures, website bios, name field in comment sections and other places you interact with people. Don't miss a chance to show your personal brand.

    Other actions

    There are other tactics you can use to get your brand in front of people. Join groups and other communities and actively participate in them. Share links and other information you know people will enjoy, even if they are not related to your industry.

    Brand marketing is a key element in your client's success. Using some proven strategies you can define their brand, develop that brand and reap the rewards of having everyone know just who your clients are.

    There is no substitute for great banding. Just like in the Old West, your clients can have a great brand and own it.

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