Content Marketing Strategy: Make It Work For Your Clients

    Creating and distributing relevant content is vital to your clients' success in today's marketing environment. The best way to build their brands and drive traffic to their sites is to use a viable, long-term content marketing strategy. Content marketing covers many aspects of online publishing, and you have to find the best uses of it to promote your clients' businesses. In other words, you need a plan.

    Types of Content Marketing Material

    Following are some of the types of content you can use when marketing your client's company. These are representative examples and certainly don't cover all the forms of online marketing:

    • Social media updates
    • Blog posts
    • How-to articles and videos
    • White pages
    • Information showcasing the company
    • Testimonials from customers and industry experts

    Your clients may have already tried their hand at these, and even more. If they haven't been as successful as they wanted to be with their content marketing strategy, or if they're just getting started, a few key actions can dramatically improve their content marketing program.

    Key Strategies to Boost Any Content Marketing Program

    Here are some steps you can take:

    Plan ahead

    It's often hard to get anything on a blank screen. Don't just sit down and figure you are going to produce great content off the top of your head. Brainstorm with employees, clients and even customers to find relevant topics of discussion. Come up with a list of 20 or so titles and write major points you would like to talk about under them. Reconsider any old content you may have that can be used for online content. You probably have tons of older material. Try to plan ahead for about three months worth of content. Don't get too far ahead as things can change very quickly. Often, you and your employees get busy and marketing content may not be on your mind. Plan ahead and make the job easier.

    Make it pop and do it quick

    Visitors to your website generally spend about a minute on a page. You need to create content that can be consumed in that amount of time. Break articles up into short sections. Videos need to be thought of as TV commercials. Give your visitors something to remember you by, and do it fast. Use content people can relate to. This includes elements from pop culture but don't forget to throw in some vintage stuff every now and then that relates to your business.

    SEO optimize the content

    Great content does no good if no one can find it. Your content marketing strategy needs to take into account the proper keywords. Research relevant keywords and use these in your title, image captions, headers and body of the content. Don't overdo it but make sure you have used keywords enough times to optimize the content for the search engines to pick up.

    Backlinks, and more backlinks

    Backlinks are an excellent way to get people to check out your website and all its content. When you comment on blogs, articles and in forums always leave your website address for others to check you out. Just make sure your comments are relevant or they may be viewed as spam.

    Analyze it all

    If you don't measure how well your content marketing strategy is working you will have no idea how to make changes to make it better. You may have done some things that are wildly successful. You want to know that and repeat that part of your strategy. Some things may not have worked so well. You need to know that also so you can move in a different direction. Pay attention to metrics. They are the tale of the tape for your marketing plan.

    Don't be afraid to change

    If you did things that did not work out as planned don't be afraid to stop doing them and change direction. Not everything you try in your content marketing strategy will work out as planned. There will be times you have to infuse new tactics into your strategy. Don't be afraid to do so. Continue to measure your website metrics and change things up as you need to.

    A great marketing content strategy is vital for your clients' success. Building their brands through relevant content to get them noticed and position them as experts in their industry.

    Using a few simple and proven strategies puts your clients'businesses squarely in the driver's seat. Help them create great content and you can be part of their success.

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