SEO Content Marketing: 5 Simple Strategies

    Your client may have the best looking website on the Internet. Their blog and other content on the site may be top-notch. They are showing themselves to be an expert in their field. Your client's entire online presence has been molded and sculpted to be the best it can be.

    But does this translate into visits that convert into sales? If your client isn't happy with the results they're getting from their website, they might want to take a look at their SEO content marketing campaign.

    SEO Content Marketing - Your Key To Online Success

    SEO is the tools and methodology used to increase traffic to a website. The goal is to rank high in the search engines so your business can be easily found. Content is all of the information on your client's website. This includes landing pages, product and service descriptions, photos, videos and perhaps most importantly, the blog.

    It all has to work hand in hand. The keys to online success are having people find the site, interact with the site and then, at some point, decide to do business with the company. How do you ensure that this process happens?

    Strategies for SEO Content Marketing

    Let's look at a few of the things you can do with your content to help the search engines find you and your business:


    The blog and the rest of the content on your client's site has to contain relevant keywords. In a nutshell, this is the name of the game. Keywords, and phrases, are what search engines "see" when they look at a site. These have to pertain to the industry. There are many applications, such as Keyword Planner, that can help you to decide which keywords and phrases to use. Research and choose your keywords wisely.


    If your client's website is too static or does not change often enough people will not engage. You may ask, "But how often am I am doing to change the description of a product or service?". The answer to that is not often. Your blog will be the most dynamic part of your website. Don't let it sit idle. Get on a regular schedule and update it regularly. Give followers and potential customers a reason to visit the website again and again.

    Don't be vanilla

    This means don't just put mainly words on your website with some pictures. Be dynamic. Use as many means of presenting information to people as you possible can. Some of the possibilities are: videos, webinars, eBooks, podcasts and whatever else you can think of. Some people may be content with reading information but others may need to see and hear it. Still others might need different forms of graphics to engage with you. Give people many ways to digest information on the website.

    Get help

    Blogging and keeping up with the content on the website can be a daunting task. You don't have to do it all by yourself though. Invite others in the industry to guest post a blog for you. You can offer to do the same on their sites. Always link back to your site when you do this. Use experts in the company to share information and expertise they may have on the blog. Don't go it alone. Get help.

    Not just content, good content

    You've probably seen the statement "Content is king". Many people mistakenly believe that this equates to more content. Not necessarily. The goal is not to produce more content but quality content. The information has to be timely, relevant and useful. Strive to give website visitors great content. "Wow" them if you can. Don't just give them a lot of words to read.

    SEO Content Marketing - Do It Well

    Content marketing is nothing new. John Deere published a magazine in 1895. Jell-O had a cookbook in 1904. Sears produced a radio program in 1922. Those companies and many more, including yours, know that getting information about your company out is vital to your business's success.

    What has changed is the method of delivering that content. The tips listed above should help your clients with their online marketing. When search engines can find them, customers can engage.

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