Does Your Client's Social Media Strategy Need a Reboot?

    Social media is an incredibly powerful way to get your client's brand out there. But if they've been using social media for awhile and haven't gotten much back in terms of results, there's a chance that their social media strategy needs a reboot. Give that social media strategy some TLC with these tips.

    1. Conduct a social media audit.

    Take a look at where their presence is right now. What types of content are they posting? Which are performing better than others? Make note of which types of content resonate with their audience and which types of content should be removed from the strategy.

    Take a look at competitor's social media accounts to get an idea of what works for them. Implement some of these content ideas into your client's social media strategy. Make sure that all of their social media accounts are consistently branded.

    2. Determine your client's goals for social media.

    Are their goals or objectives brand recognition and awareness? Increased followers or website traffic? Gaining new leads?

    In order to really structure your client's social media strategy successfully, you have to know what their end goals are. Once you figure out what those goals are, then you can put together a plan to make them happen.

    3. Utilize new content avenues.

    Refer back to your social media audit and continue using the types of content that have worked well for your client thus far. Then branch out and test out new content types. Try video, Snapchat, live-streaming, or another type of visual media that you haven't previously tested. These are all extremely popular and tend to do well for a company. People love to see the how-to and the behind-the-scenes of a business.

    4. Take advantage of social ad targeting.

    If your client hasn't been using Facebook ads and its seriously impressive targeting, then add that to their strategy ASAP. You can use this to pinpoint the exact person who is going to buy what your client is selling and this is an integral part of their social selling.

    5. Only use platforms that make sense for your client.

    If your client is a business to consumer (B2C) company, then LinkedIn is not going to be the best place for them to spend their time. Similarly, if your client is a service-based business to business (B2B) company, then visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest may not be the best ways to go.

    Don't put too much effort into a platform that isn't going to give your client much return. Instead, focus on the platforms where your client's customers spend their time.

    6. Monitor success and adapt as necessary.

    Keep an eye on all of your client's social platform analytics to see what works and what doesn't in their new social media strategy. Being able to update and adapt their social media strategy as needed is extremely important in seeing social media marketing success.

    If your client is in need of a social media strategy reboot, then use these tips to help fine tune it. Social media offers so many opportunities for success, so make sure that your client is getting everything they can from it.

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