Managing Clients: 4 Ways to Make Your Clients Even Happier

    When you run a service-based business, one of your biggest jobs is client satisfaction. Making sure that your clients are happy with your service and keeping them on retainer is how you continue to have a successful business. And since keeping your current clients costs five times less than it does to find new clients, it's more cost efficient to spend the time, energy, and sometimes money to ensure that your current clients are satisfied. Here are 3 ways to make your clients happier.

    1. Check in with your clients regularly.

    Each client is different and may prefer a different method of checking in. Some may prefer a weekly email, some may prefer a weekly call, and some might prefer a monthly in person meeting. Ask each of your clients what their preferred method of checking in is so that the both of you can stay current and up to date on everything that is happening on both ends of the service.

    2. Add in a personal touch.

    Make your client relationships deeper by adding in personal touches occasionally. Send gifts to your clients for the holidays. Catalog client birthdays and send them a handwritten note. Send a quick email to wish them a happy work anniversary after each year of service that the two of you have worked together. These small gestures can really make a client feel like you care about them on a more personal level and helps them to appreciate the working relationship between the two of you even more.

    3. Own your mistakes and admit when you're wrong.

    Everyone makes mistakes. You'd be foolish to try to say otherwise. No matter how good you are at your job, you're going to make a mistake and have to disclose it to a client. The best way to go about this is to really own your mistakes. Tell your client upfront what went wrong, but be proactive and let them also know what you're doing to fix it. Trying to displace blame or make excuses for a mistake that you know is your fault is only going to cause your client to trust you less, putting a strain on your relationship. Admit when you've done something wrong, and simply work at mending the error.

    4. Value your client's perspective.

    You may be an expert in your field, but your client is an expert in theirs. They know what is and isn't going to work for their business (to an extent), and even if you have an idea, you need to accept their input and know when to stop pushing. When you have weekly or monthly check-ins, ask for some feedback or input from your client on what they think would be a good idea to include in your strategy. They know their business; they've been working in their business for years. You don't always know better and you should always value your client's opinion. Even if your client may be wrong about certain aspects, you never want to put them down or make them feel stupid. It is all about compromise in a client relationship.

    Retaining clients is the foundation of a successful business. Your number one job is to make sure that you are making your clients happy with your services. However, it is also important to take a few of these tips to make your clients even happier with their relationship with your business.

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