The Key to Unique Content is You

    In today's over-saturated digital world it is all too easy to see online content that looks just a little too much like something you've seen before. Marketers and content creators, for large and small businesses alike, are struggling to come up with unique content to appeal to the increasing demands of a user base that has, very nearly, seen it all at least once.

    A large portion of online content has now become a rehashing of material already found online, whether it's a list, infographic, or image. While these mash-ups can turn old news into new headlines, they still remain a collection of ideas that were given life by someone else. Online users have put marketers in even more of a bind when it comes to drumming up content because user attention spans get shorter and shorter as they become blind to many marketing messages and more used to instant gratification in terms of information delivery.

    With every SEO strategist and marketing expert now blogging repetitively that you need unique content to stay alive in the increasingly competitive online marketing arena, how can you do so when your creative juices seem to have dried up?

    The Key to Unique Content

    It may seem oversimplified but the truth is that "you" are the key to unique content. Whether you have a fresh idea that has yet to see the light of day or you are reworking an old infographic that has seen more use than a public phonebook, your individuality is what will set your content apart from that of your competitors.

    Old information can easily be made "new" again, and therefore unique, when you add your own personality to it. Your tone and style may be just the thing that your content needs to turn heads, attract attention, and draw people in, making them want to know more about you. Wit, sarcasm, and humor have become strong selling points for online content simply because they evoke an involuntary response from readers and users. When you can pull your users out of their "been there, done that" comfort zone in terms of marketing material they've already seen before, you have created truly great - and unique - content.

    Extra Tips for Creating Great (and Unique!) Content

    Aside from infusing your content with your own personal tone, voice, and style, you can also apply some effective tips to your efforts to aid you in creating appealing and unique content that moves your readers and motivates your users to become more engaged with your marketing message. Some of these tips include:

    1. Trimming the fat from your content.

    Most online users are "scanners," meaning they will quickly scan content to see if it holds any interest for them. To keep their attention, you will need to keep your content short, sweet, and to the point. Avoid wordiness and fluff and stick to only what's necessary to convey your message clearly.

    2. Make use of white space.

    Twenty years ago it was considered acceptable to publish online content that looked like a digital flea market. Today, however, online users want their content to feel more like an eclectic and sparsely furnished showroom, giving them the ability to quickly and easily scan what's being offered to determine if it holds value. Use white space to break up your content and provide more readability for your users.

    3. Invite interaction from your audience.

    One of the best ways to encourage interaction from your desired audience is to ask for it. Give them content that compels interactive choices. Not only will this push them toward the results you are hoping for, but it also empowers the user to feel as though they are still in control of their actions.

    4. You are the expert, so act like it.

    If you are trying to convince your audience that your content meets their needs, you must be authoritative in saying so. Don't cast doubt on your content by including ambiguous phrasing. Be an expert and act like it so you can generate more credibility for your content and more trust from your audience.

    No matter what the subject of your content may be, you can easily transform it into something unique and appealing for your audience when you apply yourself to the task with diligence, thoughtfulness, and your own unique personality.

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