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Tips for Growing Your Inbound Marketing Agency

The point of owning a business is to be able to continually grow it. And even though marketing agencies exist to help other businesses grow, the same pertains to the agency. If you're looking for a few tips on growing your inbound marketing agency, try some of these on for size.

1. Set your growth goals.

Step back and take a look at how much your firm has grown in the last quarter, and even in the last year. Is the growth rate consistent? Is your business continuing to grow? Successful agencies are that way because they set goals and they know what they need to do to reach those goals every quarter. Sales reps know how to meet their goals when they have a set number of clients that they need to bring in each quarter. Make sure that when you're starting out on your growth journey, you have a realistic goal in mind for where you'd like to see your company at in the next year.

2. Work to upsell your current clients.

Do you have a couple of low-dollar consulting clients? Try to upgrade them to full service. If you have a few full-service clients that don't get many hours of work from you, try to talk them into increasing their hours to get more from your business.

Upselling your current clients is cheaper than going out to get new clients, so make this your first actionable step towards growth. If they're happy with the service they're currently getting, they're much more likely to pay you for more.

3. Focus on conducting your services for your own business.

You need to show your stuff. If someone is interested in using your business, they want to see that you know what you're doing. Go all in on your own inbound marketing so that you have a great portfolio to show right up front: your own business and marketing channels.

4. Create or improve your sales process.

If your agency's sales and client onboarding processes are clumsy and unorganized, you're wasting more time (and money) than you should be trying to bring on new clients. Create a streamlined sales and client onboarding process that makes it easy to get new clients started.

5. Create a new revenue stream.

If your company has only been doing full-service content marketing or social media management, create a new way to generate revenue by adding on additional services (like web design or search engine marketing) or different delivery systems (like consulting or coaching). You'll be able to reach an entirely different type of audience this way and be able to bring on new and different clients.

6. Hire someone new.

Maybe you're adding to an already existing team or maybe you're making your first hire. Either way, hiring someone new is a great plan when you're trying to grow your business--you need somewhere for that business to go. If you hire the right person, they can even help to grow your agency, bring in new ideas and strategies, and help you create content and revenue streams that weren't previously possible.

Working to grow your business can be stressful and more than likely needs more than a one-man team. Make sure that your entire team is on board with your growth plan and that your sales reps are ready to make things happen.

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