15 Incredible Newsletter Content Ideas to Send to Your Email List

    Do you know why it's so important to regularly send marketing materials to your email list? An email list is an incredibly powerful marketing tool to own because each person on your list has signed up for a reason. Whether it was because they're big fans of your business, they're really interested in your newsletter, or because you gave them some sort of opt-in freebie in exchange for an email address, every person on your list is already a new business lead.

    Sending marketing materials to that list of leads helps to nurture them into converting customers. You don't want to send too much dry or promotional content to your newsletter list, though, or they might get annoyed and unsubscribe. Instead, you should be brainstorming several different types of interesting newsletter content to send to your email list to keep them engaged and entertained.

    If you're struggling to determine what types of newsletter content would resonate best with your audience, here are X ideas to choose from.

    1. Educational Information

    Write content for your newsletter list that is similar to the content you create for your blog. You could even repurpose a blog post, include an excerpt and a link to a blog post on your website, or create new content exclusively for your email list.

    2. Success Stories

    Do you have a case study or a success story from a customer? Write about it and send it to your email list. This is also great promotional content and could potentially lead to new conversions from customers that are already leaning towards buying from you.

    3. Email Course

    This can be used as an opt-in freebie, or as exclusive information you create for your email list. Create a week or month-long email course that is full of valuable information for your subscribers.

    4. Discounts or Coupons

    As a thank you for being a loyal subscriber, offer a coupon or discount code to your email list. This is another great way to increase conversions and bring on new customers.

    5. Letter From the CEO

    Getting a "personalized" (use a merge field for the subscriber's first name) letter from the CEO can make your subscribers feel intrigued.

    6. New Product/Service Announcements

    Using your email list is a great way to announce a new product or service launch. Create a series of emails to send out pre-launch to hype it up as much as possible and increase conversions.

    7. Testimonials

    Use your newsletter to give potential customers even more reason to work with you by providing quotes and testimonials from happy customers.

    8. Contests/Giveaways

    Another way to reward your subscribers is by hosting a contest or giveaway for them to enter. Giving away free products or services is a way to entice leads to becoming a customer.

    9. Employee Spotlight

    Using your newsletter to show off your employees can be fun behind-the-scenes content for your audience, as well as a way to increase employee satisfaction and reward your team for their hard work.

    10. Company Announcements

    Opening a new location? Hiring? Other exciting news? Tell your email list about it in your newsletter!

    11. FAQ

    Are there a few questions that you seem to get more than others? Send out an FAQ to your email list with the answers to those questions. This can also help you in the future, as you've already got canned responses for when you undoubtedly get asked each question again.

    12. Reader Survey

    Trying to figure out what, specifically, your audience likes getting from you? Put together a survey and ask! Be sure to offer some kind of incentive, like a small freebie or a discount code, as thanks.

    13. Product Photos

    Invest in some professional photography of your products and use those in both your social media and newsletter content.

    14. Videos

    You can embed a YouTube video thumbnail into your email newsletter that links to the actual video. If you're creating video content for other marketing purposes, be sure to send it to your email list, too.

    15. Interviews

    Did you get the chance to interview an industry expert recently? Include an excerpt of the interview in your newsletter. Bonus points if you link to the full interview on your website to entice click-throughs.

    There are so many different types of newsletter content out there for you to choose from that you should never be sending out boring emails to your subscribers. Nurture those leads, and turn them into paying customers.

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