3 Great Reasons for Outsourcing Your Writing & Editing Services

    Anyone committed to inbound marketing for their clients recognizes the importance of great content. It provides improved rankings, generates leads, and increases conversions. But it isn’t easy creating an arsenal of timely, well-written content that will reliably satisfy an audience’s interest. The solution often lies in enlisting the assistance of a content creation provider who can provide you with the quality writing and editing services you need.

    The Importance of Original Content

    One of the best investments a brand can make is in high-quality, original content for its website. Content not only drives SEO; it’s what attracts, converts, and retains customers. Yes, producing content on a consistent basis takes time, but the long-term benefits you derive from doing it are well worth it.

    Original web content is the primary way a site is found: Google and the other search engines index and rank websites based on the original content they contain. Complex algorithms determine a website’s originality through its use of unique content and the relevancy of keyword search terms.

    But being found by search engines is only the beginning. Content must also persuade people to buy into what you are offering. And people no longer want to know just what a company does; they want to learn about who they are, why they do what they do, and how they do it. Original website content is crucial to achieving this.

    3 Reasons to Use Professional Writing & Editing Services

    A content marketing provider helps you plan your content strategy and offers professional writing and editing services that can help you meet your inbound goals. If you’ve been on the fence about whether your agency could benefit from such a service, here are three good reasons to give it serious consideration.

    Regularly published high-quality content.

    Quality is king, but quantity is also key to a successful inbound strategy. Creating content in-house is not always the problem – most companies probably have some very talented writers on their team. But creating useful content on a regular basis is a serious hurdle for many businesses. If you hand off the work of writing and editing services to a content provider, staff can do what they were really hired to do.

    Give old content new life.

    Writing completely new content takes a lot of time. A professional content provider can quickly assess the information that’s already on a site and finds ways to repurpose or refresh it. This “new” content can then be used to create other types of content, such as social media posts, podcasts, video scripts, infographics, and whitepapers, all of which help a brand reach a wider audience and increase its web presence.

    A wide choice of content writers and editors.

    You can spend an inordinate amount of time finding, interviewing, and auditioning writers and editors. A content provider already has thousands of writers and editors for you to choose from. Some agencies like to find that one great writer and stick with her or him. Others prefer to build a team. Whichever route you choose, you get dedicated content writers and editors who understand a brand and can consistently speak in its voice. And it’s easy to scale your content writing and editing requirements as needed.

    The Bottom Line

    Strong, compelling website content is the foundation of every inbound marketing strategy. Without it, all other marketing initiatives fall short. When you partner with an outside provider for your writing and editing services, you not only save time and money; you improve the quality and quantity of your digital content.

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