Your Content Writing Strategy: Are You Using The Right Bait?

    Most content writing tasks are focused on a specific keyword or term. However, it’s essential to ensure you don’t simply weave a narrative that successfully incorporates that word or words into a grammatically correct text. Individuals decide in microseconds if they are going to read a piece, and you title and first words have to convince them you’re presenting something worth their time.

    Get a Nibble

    I have found it useful to consider a successful content writing strategy similar to my favorite hobby of fishing. If you want to land the big ones, you have to plan exactly what you’re going after. That determines the bait you are going to use and how you are going to get it in front of your potential catch. If you cast the wrong bait, it will sail on by that fish without a glimmer of interest.

    Similarly, the title you select will serve as the initial point of interest for your reader, and you only get one chance to get a nibble. Sometimes that perfect title is humorous, other times it is best to be informative, such as offering a certain number of tips or hints. And, other times, the title can be a bit curious, just as long as it is on point enough to pique some initial interest.

    Set the Hook

    If you succeed in getting that first flash of interest, you have to provide enough content in the first few lines to get your target to actually try the bait. Make it clear that you are offering something enticing dealing with the keyword, but not focused on the word itself. Remember the purpose of bait is to camouflage the hook and replace it with an irresistible morsel or treat.

    Fishermen will tell you that the right bait will get a solid nibble, but if you don’t set that hook quickly, the interested fish will simply move on to other, more interesting opportunities. The browsing internet reader has more than enough possible baits being dangled before them, and they won’t waste time trying to figure out if your information is worthwhile beyond that first nibble.

    Reel Them In

    Even when you get that bite from your target, you have to deliver on what you promise. The entire article must build on that first enticing promise and deliver worthwhile content throughout the process. Readers are notorious for leaving an article before completing it if they discover this is just an effort to deliver a keyword message.

    Remember, those readers are searching for something they can digest and from which they can get real value. If you deliver that in each paragraph, they will keep reading through the article to then end. If you land them, you increase the chance of getting a click through, a share, or a like. At any rate, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did your job with a successful content writing strategy.

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