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Business Blog Writing: Facilitating Exposure Through Copywriting

While keeping a business blog might have automatically offered enormous advantages in the early days of the online marketing and SEO craze, this is no longer the case. Nowadays- with basically every business website keeping a blog content marketing strategies need to involve a little more than simply regularly posting pertinent industry news and tips.

Yet a copywriter engaged in business blog writing should by now feel offended by calls to create "quality content". After all, shouldn't any dedicated writer strive to offer the utmost in quality with every single post? A good business blog writer needs to not only have superb writing skills, but also a real understanding of how the business world works.

The fundamental importance of exposure

In business, one of the most important things to understand is that quality products or services are not all that's necessary for a successful entrepreneurial or business venture. High quality products or services are useless if people aren't exposed to them.

The same holds true in the case of a blog of high quality posts that provide useful, interesting, and pertinent information to potential clients. Unfortunately, too many content marketers and copywriters devote all of their efforts to creating content without putting enough thought into all of the different ways that content itself can help to publicize, market, and promote their business blog.

Writing posts that earn exposure

As a copywriter, you might not feel that promoting a blog is your job. You might feel that you're only responsible for producing "quality" content that keeps that blog updated. But experienced content marketers know that inherent in the concept of "quality" content is the idea that the content in question will earn exposure, attract attention out on the Web, and be easily diffusible to social media platforms and other online communication channels.

Who knows? If you're good enough, you might even manage to achieve the ultimate jackpot of content marketing by going viral and catapulting a business- and maybe even yourself - from obscurity to Internet stardom.

One of the most important things for a business blog content writer to realize is the increasing importance of their role in company marketing tactics. Content marketing has been shown to be the new priority among companies in a wide range of industries. As of 2013, 57 percent of marketers were identifying content marketing as their top priority. With the increasing focus on content marketing in business environments, much more will be expected from content writers contributing to business blogs in the coming years.

Business blog writing with the best chances for exposure

So how can your business blog writing achieve the distinction of "quality content" by maximizing exposure for a company website out on the Internet? The following are a few tips that go beyond simply writing well to incorporate the online nature of business blog writing into your content creation tactics:

Arouse curiosity

Come up with eye-catching titles and headings that will make readers likely to click on and continue reading your posts. You can also arouse curiosity by finding the most pertinent questions in a given industry that are likely to stir up interest or controversy.

Establish an identity

A signature line is important for any kind of blogger. Readers will engage with your content if they can contact you directly. The signature line is not only important for promoting exposure of the blog your'e writing for, but it's also important for promoting exposure for yourself as a writer.

Interact with others in the industry

Starting up conversations is important for getting exposure. You can encourage conversation around your blog by getting to know others in the industry and by linking to the blogs and websites of industry authorities and leaders within your own posts when appropriate.

Write pithy prose

Copywriting for the Internet should generally be concise and to-the-point. The moment a reader senses that your writing is getting wordy or starting to lack substance, he or she will navigate away from your post and probably away from the website altogether. Make sure that each sentence packs a punch.

The best business blog writing shows a consciousness of the end goal of blogs kept for business sites: increase awareness of a company website out on the Web. Success in this endeavor is as largely dependent on getting adequate exposure as it is on simply offering well-written content.

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