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3 Common Ebook Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Writing an ebook is something that crosses everyone's mind--and probably more than once. However, kudos to you for actually sitting down and putting pen to paper--er, fingers to keyboard--and writing your first ebook.

Since this is your first ebook, it's more than likely that you'll make a few newbie mistakes. Check out these three all too commonebook writing mistakes to prevent these from happening in your own ebook.

Your ebook is too long.

Ebook readers aren't often looking to read a novel on a digital interface. When they're searching for an informational ebook, they're looking for something short and sweet that will tell them exactly what they need to know--without all of the fluff.

Quick fix:

Split your ebooks up! If you know that there is a lot of ground that you want to cover, that's great. But don't attempt to do it all in one book. What's better than starting out writing one ebook and ending up with an entire five ebook series?

It is important to go in-depth with your information. People are buying your ebook to really learn what you're talking about. Don't simply gloss over the information. Use one ebook for each section/topic that you plan on talking about. Most novels average about 80,000 words, but you don't even want to graze that number with your ebook. In fact, some experts say that 2,000 to 6,000 words is the ideal length for an ebook.

Another reason for this is that ebooks are customarily cheap. You don't want to write a novel that you're only going to be able to sell for five bucks. Less is more when it comes to your ebook writing.

You're doing it all yourself.

Digital publishing is huge right now and many people tend to correlate that with DIY publishing. Don't! Just because you are writing and publishing an ebook does not mean that you have to go it alone. In fact, if you want your book to succeed, you can't go it alone. You need help.

Quick fix:

If you're trying to write, edit, publish, and design a cover for your book yourself, chances are that at least one of those jobs is going to be lacking. You are a writer, so your main job should simply be ebook writing. Hire an editor or just ask a good friend for a favor. Another pair of eyes needs to see your work because they will be able to pick out more errors than your own.

Unless you're actually proficient in graphic design, you do not want to attempt to DIY your own typeset and cover design. Unfortunately, the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" hasn't help up too well, because that's exactly what people do. So you want your cover to be eye-catching and appealing.

Last but not least, there are publishers out there for ebooks. Pitch your book to them before attempting to publish it yourself. You'll find more success if your book has a publisher.

You're not marketing your ebook.

Unless you're James Patterson or Stephen King, you can't simply write a book and then let expect it to fly off the interactive shelves on its own. You have to market your ebook.

Quick fix:

Marketing your ebook shouldn't even wait until after you've finished it. You want to build hype. Announce your upcoming ebook on your blog or share it with all of your friends. This way, you'll have an audience right when your ebook has been published and you won't be launching cold.

You need to get on social media to promote your ebook as well. You can utilize your own Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for marketing.

Don't let your ebook writing go to waste. Make sure that you're not making any of these common mistakes and your ebook should be a hit.

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