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5 Ways to Get Excited About Writing Content Again

Even the most experienced writers struggle to find inspiration at some time or other. This can make writing feel more like a chore than a pleasurable activity. As this happens to all of us, there are several tried and tested methods that can help you bring the excitement back into content writing.

1. Think About Why You Choose a Career in Content Writing

The simple act of remembering what decisions led you to begin content writing can be encouraging. Think about your past objectives, how these still apply to your life today, and how they have transformed into new goals.

2. Meet Other Content Writers

Writing content is a solitary profession, and it is easy to feel alone in your work. Talk to others — the likelihood is that they have suffered from the same problem and may even have ideas about how to regain motivation. If you are able to meet other writers in person, whether they work on content or another type of writing, this is even better.

3. Write About Something Else

Start from fresh, writing about anything that comes to mind — the more unrelated to the content on which you are working the better. Bernadette Mayer, for instance, has a long list of writing tasks that will ensure you never suffer from writers’ block. The best thing about these exercises is that is that no one will ever need to read the results. By removing the pressure of creating something of high quality, you can have fun in with writing again.

4. Take a Break

Spend a several minutes, a few hours, or even the rest of the day (if you can afford to take the time off) doing something completely different. Be ready to write down any ideas your mind generates during this period.

5. Write Without Stopping

Create a free-flow of ideas by writing without taking breaks to read back what you have written. Even if you feel that your content lacks flow or does not sound quite right, remember: there is no need for your initial draft to be perfect. Limit edits to when you have finished, and the likelihood is that you will be pleasantly surprised by what you have created.

Content writing should be enjoyable, and remember, readers will pick up on your enthusiasm for the subject. Unfortunately, inspiration is sometimes hard to come by. Try all of the above strategies to find what works best for you to ensure that an element of excitement always exists in your writing.

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