5 Simple Ideas For Blog Writing That Engages Customers

    We all imagine scores (if not thousands) of interested readers scouring our blog posts as we are writing them. However, often the stats tell a different story. No one wants to write into a vacuum. Plus, if you've set up your blog to make money (and if you haven't, you should), lack of readers equates to lack of click-throughs and lack of income.

    How can you improve your blog writing so that you not only attract readers, but keep them coming back again and again? It helps to first look at the challenges to engaging blog readers.

    Challenges to Engaging Blog Readers

    It's easy to get into a rut writing regular blog posts. We all do it. However, when you start looking at blogging as a task that you can't wait to be done with, you're headed for trouble. Blogging is about passion, no matter what your subject, and that passion translates directly to reader engagement. If you're not motivated to write one day, take a break or enlist a co-worker or guest writer to pen the day's post.

    Easy Ideas for Writing Engaging Blog Posts

    Now, assuming that you're excited about your topic and ready to write a stellar blog post, how do you make your blog writing appeal to readers so they will stay for more than one click? Here are some easy ideas:

    1. Don't forget the images.

    According to a recent post on PWB Marketing, blog posts that contain images get 53% more "likes" on social media sites than those without images. Whether you take your own images, use stock images or solicit images from readers, there's overwhelming evidence that images help to make your blog writing more attractive.

    2. Increase your relevancy.

    Although it may be tempting to write about whatever is on your mind, your readers are coming to your site to learn about and/or discuss a particular topic. Staying true to your core keywords is essential to keeping your readers interested and to attracting new readers.

    3. Insert humor.

    Are your blog posts dry and formal? Maybe it's time to insert a little humor. "People love humor," advises Steve Papas on Kikolani.com. Plus, humor lightens even the most serious subject and makes it more accessible to readers.

    4. Ask questions.

    Open-ended questions help readers know that you value their opinion and get the feel that you are talking with them, not at them. Even if you receive relatively few comments, such questions create a welcoming environment for readers.

    5. Make it easy for your readers.

    If your site is difficult to navigate, if it takes forever to load, or if your posts are loaded with bells and whistles that cause slower computers to crash, even the most exciting blog posts will likely not attract the keep the kind of readership you'd like. Sure, images and videos make for lively, interactive posts, but don't overdo it.

    So, if your blog writing is drawing the numbers of repeat readers that you'd like to see, don't give up. Try one or two of these easy fixes and watch your blog's "stickiness" increase.

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