Content Marketing Copywriters: Write Well And Be A Success

    As a content marketing copywriter the most important task for you is to write clear, concise and relevant information so readers become engaged with the website you work for. While this is not always the easiest of tasks, there is no reason you can't write compelling copy for readers to learn from and enjoy. With a little discipline and some useful guidelines you can write useful, engaging content for any website.

    A few things to keep in mind

    A good writer should keep in mind a few things about writing online content. This ballgame is just a little different than most printed materials. Here are some factors that you should be cognizant of as you write online content:

    • The Internet has billions and billions of pages with information on each page. Your content will need to stand out in some way.
    • People don't have time to read a lot of content. They skim through the pages and pick the most appealing ones to read.
    • Even though correct form is best when writing online content (short paragraphs, bullet points, concise sentences) it still comes down to the content.
    • Let's just say "Content is King". Writers have heard that statement for a long, long time now. It is a very true statement though and any writer should keep those three words in mind when writing online content.

    Content Marketing Copywriter

    Following will be some useful guidelines to help you write more compelling and relevant online content. These tips are all things that are generally accepted as good online content practice. Many of these may be old hat for you but a quick refresher never hurts.

    Keep it simple

    As a writer you may want to show off your talents and skills. You will need to keep your online writing somewhat simple though. The Internet is worldwide and people with varying degrees of understanding English may well read your work. Stay away from industry jargon if you can. Complex thoughts and writing turn people off and they won't read the content. Now, don't write for the third grade at the local elementary school but keep your writing as simple as it needs to be.

    Don't start with a blank screen

    Of course, the screen will have nothing on it when you being to write. But that does not mean the screen has to be "blank". Have an outline in your head or hopefully written down to get you started. Copy and paste some inspirational words on the screen to get your started writing. Jot down your keywords to aid you in writing. No, it's not a blank screen daring you to write. It's a palette ready for your next work of art.

    Active, not passive

    Passive writing does not instill emotion and action into your writing. Words such as is, are, was, will, be and so on don't convey your message well. Using words such as accelerate, capitalize, perform, soar and other action terms will make your writing more meaningful and get your readers fired up. Throw some action into the mix and your writing will begin to stand out.

    Show, don't tell

    As a content marketing copywriter you well know that it is essential to show and not tell. Anyone can write that "product X will be on the market for Christmas at a cost of $100." You need to do much better than that with your writing. Give your readers a graphic description of what they get for their $100. Tell everyone about the color, size, great features and all good things about the product. Show the world what you mean.

    Visual content

    The descriptive and graphic words you pen should give your readers a wonderful idea of the what you are trying to portray. But go one step further. Give them something visual. Pictures, videos, infographics and any other form of visual aids make your reading more enjoyable. They will enhance your words, not take away from them. Give readers something to look at and your words become more powerful.

    Content Marketing Copywriter - Hone That Writing

    As a writer you want to convey your meaning in a clear and concise way. When writing online content it is essential that you do this. The guidelines listed above are a great way to make sure your writing is easy to read and enjoyable.

    The world of a content marketing copywriter is hectic but fun. Help yourself be successful with the tips listed above.

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