5 Tips to Make Your Landing Page Look Good

    What you say matters, especially if you want people to jump from your landing page to your main website. But how your content looks matters at least as much. Why? Because if the content on your landing page isn't visually appealing, readers may never make it through that large block of text you labored over, and they won't be tempted to see more of what you have to offer.

    What can you do to make your landing page inviting, alluring, irresistable? Try one or more of these techniques to make improve your landing page's good looks.

    Use Sub-headings to Break Up Your Text

    Make the content on your landing page easier to approach by using sub-headings (H1, H2, H3) to provide a road map. Your subheadings should summarize the key points of your article or blog post and provide extra "entry points" for readers looking for specific information.

    Additionally, search engines look for H1, H2, and H3 tags for classifying the content of your website. Therefore, think carefully about the words and phrases you use in your sub-headings; they can influence your search engine result rankings.

    Use Bullet Points

    Let's take a look at a case study. Which list do you prefer to read?

    Readers look for content that contains the following: timely information, specific examples, links and resources, and personable writing.


    Readers look for content that contains the following:

    • Timely Information
    • Specific Examples
    • Links and Resources
    • Personable Writing

    Incorporate Meaningful Images

    Unique, funny, or intriguing images can work wonders for your content. When content loads onto a webpage, most people automatically look at the image before they read any words. If that image is interesting or elicits an emotional response, your readers will be hooked.

    Images are especially important if you plan on posting your landing page content on social media, so choose your images wisely, and don't post anything that will confuse readers about your branding or your overall messaging strategy.

    When you use images to enhance the looks of your content, don't forget to include captions. Captions help your readers to understand what you're showing them, and they also improve your SEO. Search engines will classify your images by the captions, so your website will earn more traffic from those conducting image searches.

    Consider Using Graphs and Infographics

    In the age of short attention spans, many people prefer to get their information from easy-to-read graphs and infographics. If you've never before created an infographic, do a little research and pull out any numbers or keywords from your content that could be arranged in a graphic.

    Like images, graphs and infographics are perfect for social media marketing. People often re-post visually appealing content that contains valuable information.

    Promote Your Other Blog Posts and Content

    A list of links, whether arranged in bullet points, a table, or a simple list, will provide your readers with extra, relevant information. Tempt your readers to go beyond just your landing page and explore all the great content you have to offer. Provide an enticing heading to this list, something like "Popular Posts" or "Related Links." Let your readers know that this landing page is just the beginning.

    In summary, remember that the good looks of your landing page can be your ticket to higher traffic and more returning readers. Yes, your content is important, but never forget that readers may never dive into your content if they're not hooked by good looks first.

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