The Perfect Formula for Creating Effective Blog Titles Every Time

    When you're creating blog content for your business blog, you want people to actually read it, right?

    Let's all collectively nod yes, because that's the right answer here.

    But did you know that on average, 8 out of every 10 people who read your blog title won't go any further than that? If you don't actually spend time to create a blog title that intrigues and converts, you could be losing 80% of your potential traffic.

    That is a pretty big number. So what can you do to try to get more of those 8 people to click through to actually read your blog instead of skimming and scrolling past your blog title?

    Using this formula for creating your blog post can help to increase the number of people clicking through to your website. It creates the perfect amount of intrigue without being clickbait, therefore still providing a quality headline.

    1. Use power words.

    Using powerful adjectives in your headline is the first step to take in creating a provoking blog title. These simple words can make your headline so much stronger just by adding it in.

    A few examples of power words include:

    • Essential
    • Valuable
    • Critical
    • Perfect
    • Painstaking
    • Definitive
    • Ultimate
    • Complete
    • Amazing
    • Life-changing

    Essentially, any word that helps drive your point home is perfect. I mean, just take a look at how one word makes a headline even more powerful:

    The Guide to Staying Fit in Cold Weather vs. The Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit in Cold Weather

    See? Let's try another one.

    3 Ways to Work From Home Efficiently vs. 3 Critical Ways to Work From Home Efficiently

    It really does make all the difference.

    2. Use numbers.

    This doesn't need to be your strategy all of the time. In fact, "how to's" can also be incredibly popular blog post titles.

    But if you're creating a blog post with a numbered list, putting that number into your blog title can increase click-throughs.

    For example, look at these two blog titles:

    Steps to Creating a High-Converting Lead Magnet vs. 7 Steps to Creating a High-Converting Lead Magnet

    Knowing just how many steps there are makes someone so much more likely to click to your blog post and read it.

    Odd numbers have also been proven to convert better than even numbers. So you thought the top 10 was going to be the most popular? Think again! Top 9 or 11 might be even more powerful.

    3. The end result.

    What will the outcome be when someone reads your blog post? What are they going to learn how to do?

    Include that in your blog title!

    Let's look back at a few of the blog titles we've created as examples:

    The Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit in Cold Weather

    What is the end result here? Staying fit in cold weather because it can be hard to get motivated to exercise when you're cold and can't/don't want to go outside.

    3 Critical Ways to Work From Home Efficiently

    End result is working from home efficiently because anyone who's worked from home knows how many distractions there can be.

    7 Steps to Creating a High-Converting Lead Magnet

    The end result will be a high-converting lead magnet.

    You need to tell your audience what they're going to gain from reading your post, and, of course, include your keyword.

    So let's take a look at the full formula. Number or Trigger Word + Power Word + Keyword and End Result

    What we mean by trigger word is your other starting word then a number, like "how to," for example.

    So we could start with something as simple as: How to Sell Your Home

    But after implementing this formula, you've got something even better: 5 Essential Strategies to Selling Your Home Within Days

    Do you see how much more that makes you want to click through to read? Selling your home within days? Five strategies to do just that? Perfect!

    It's time to stop slapping any boring blog title that comes to your mind on each blog post. You're taking the time to create your blog content, so why not take the time to create your blog title too?

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