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6 Tips for Creating Shareable Types of Content Marketing

You know that your business can benefit from a strong online presence, but how do you get the word out as effectively as possible? Creating shareable types of content marketing is a great way to establish and maintain brand recognition while giving followers the opportunity to interact with your company. Getting people to share your content isn't always easy; here are six tips that will help you achieve your goal.

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Use These Tips to Create Different Shareable Types of Content Marketing Strategies:

Make it entertaining

There are so many reasons for people to feel depressed in today's world, and you don't want your content to add to that stress. Whenever possible, aim to create entertaining types of content marketing that highlights the positive aspects of your products or services. Your content creation doesn't have to be directly about your products or services; content focusing on topics related to your industry makes sense, too.

Make it useful

People want to share content that adds value to their lives. Are you a catering company with a video tutorial on how to make quick and easy appetizers? Post it on social media. How-to guides are also shareable, but be sure that you create a brief overview of the subject that is easy for followers and their friends to skim.

Read the feedback that your followers are giving you

Strapped for shareable content creation ideas? The comments sections on your social media profiles give you an easily-accessible source of feedback. If you see a recurring theme, you'll know where to put the focus as you create content for blog posts. Followers will be pleasantly surprised to see that you were listening, and they will be more inclined to share your content when it relates to their questions and concerns.

Relate your content to current events

You want to stay lighthearted, but content can relate to more entertaining current events to give your followers a reason to notice and share it. You'll want to stay away from touchy subjects like politics, but referring to popular television shows or national events helps you keep your content both current and shareable.

Run a promotion through your online posts

The easiest way to get people to share your pieces of content is by linking it to a giveaway. The giveaway doesn't have to cost you a lot; you'll be surprised to see how many people are willing to share your posts for the chance at winning a $25 gift card for your store. As a bonus, you may be able to draw in new customers by giving away a gift card to a new follower.

Appeal to followers' emotional side when writing headlines

Shareable content has to have a strong headline, and the best way to create attention-grabbing headlines is to infuse them with emotion. Make your followers take a personal interest in your content by pinpointing the emotional connection that you are establishing through the content itself, and pull out words that invoke strong emotions to encourage followers to click "share."

Creating great content loses value when no one is willing to share it with others. When you create shareable types of content marketing by incorporating the tips found above, you improve the visibility of your brand and establish a strong Internet presence.

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