3 Content Marketing Effectiveness Tips for Dramatic Results

    Experience Dramatic Increase in Brand Awareness & Sales with These Content Marketing Effectiveness Tips

    No matter what type of business you are promoting, the various benefits associated with content marketing are many, and include the ability to dramatically increase lead generation, as well as the opportunity to improve reader engagement within your target audiences. With the implementation of a few content marketing effectiveness tips, you should be able to establish yourself as an industry knowledge leader and can expect to experience a dramatic increase in both brand awareness and sales.

    And in addition to all of the benefits content marketing has to offer, it happens to be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available—it’s certainly less expensive than television, radio, billboard, and even search engine marketing options. The following content marketing effectiveness tips should help you garner dramatic results in just a short time:

    Concoct a Unique Angle

    One of the most effective content marketing tips to ensure that your content marketing stands out from the crowd is to concoct a unique angle for every piece you create. Even mundane and straightforward topics can be introduced with a fresh spin to provide new insight that readers may not have previously thought of. There isn’t a need to completely reimagine a topic in order to put a new spin on it. A small change can make a big difference in the way a particular piece of information is presented and absorbed.

    For example, when dealing with a topic like green energy, don’t focus on the benefits or options that are associated with the idea. Instead, your content can teach readers how to keep birds off of solar panels, or how to camouflage solar panels so that they are less noticeable. Or when creating content about pest control, offer suggestions on how to use nature to repel ants, mosquitoes, and flies. When it comes to HVAC, your content can outline ways to minimize wear and tear while saving money on energy. Your content will be on topic while offering some insight that isn’t typically correlated with such topics.

    Link to Credible Sources

    Linking your content to other credible online sources not only adds legitimacy to the information you are presenting, but it also lets search engines like Google know that you’ve done your homework and you are providing in depth information to readers. This may lead to your content ranking higher up in the search engine results as time goes on, especially when you link to credible sources regularly.

    Whenever statistics, obscure facts, polls, and other hard to find pieces of information are shared, a link to a credible source should be used, whether it’s a scientific study or a colleague’s reputable website. Simply hyperlink your sources into keywords throughout your content so that readers can click to learn more (or simply skim over it depending on their preference). Linking to sources is also a great way to offer readers access to how-to pieces or do-it-yourself guides when you don’t have the time or resources to create your own guides.

    Use a Call-to-Action

    The most useful content marketing effectiveness tips to consider implementing are the unobtrusive inclusion of a call-to-action. Using a call-to-action incites engagement on the part of your readers, so that they are more likely to click on your links, read your advertisements, sign up for your newsletters, and consider becoming a paying customer. This doesn’t mean that every piece of content you create has to end with a sentence telling readers what they should or should not do.

    Instead, your calls-to-action simply need to get your readers thinking about furthering their engagement with the business you are promoting. Also, your calls-to-action should be placed in different areas throughout your content as opposed to being left for the end.

    Asking readers to consider a specific aspect of a topic, introducing another piece of content you’ve previously created, or encouraging readers to do some homework on a subject or engage in a do-it-yourself project can be implemented anywhere into the piece you are creating without standing out like a sore thumb.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when implementing these content marketing effectiveness tips is to stay genuine to your brand and to remain consistent with your messages. This is crucial for successful content marketing. To learn more about tips for content strategy, check out our white paper, "What is Content Marketing? And Why It's So Important!" Or, learn about creating an effective digital content strategy by checking out another white paper, titled "What is a Digital Content Strategy? And Why You Need One!"

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