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Amazing Free SEO Tools You Should Start Using Today

It’s not often that something free comes along to help you boost traffic, increase awareness, and increase rankings. But there are dozens of free SEO tools out there that do just that. Here are just seven of the best SEO tools you should start using immediately. They’ll help you work smarter and elevate any website to greater success.

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1. The Wayback Machine

It’s time to head back to the future. The Wayback Machine is an internet archive site that lets you look at how websites appeared in the past. How does that help SEO? For starters, if you notice a drop in a page’s ranking, you can use this tool to narrow down when the decrease happened and then look at what changes may have caused the drop. If you need further inspiration, check out all these ways you can use this site.

2. Redirect Path

A free Chrome extension, Redirect Path flags HTTP header and redirect errors and alerts you to potential site issues that you might not have seen otherwise. The plugin works best when you’re just checking out a few pages.

3. Google Trends

A cool tool for predicting the competition’s next move, Google Trends shows how often a particular search term, subject, or phrase is entered in a given time. It helps marketers improve their results by giving them better insight into which topics are trending globally.

4. Bing Webmaster Tools

Otherwise known as BWT, Bing Webmaster Tools is a great way to track how a site is working on Bing. Yes, Google is the king of search, but Bing houses more than 20% of the internet’s search traffic. Use the insights it provides into crawling, on-page keyword optimization and more to understand what elements may impact your site’s Google performance.

5. Google Keyword Planner

The cream of the crop in keyword research tools, Google Keyword Planner is a no-nonsense free keyword tool that helps you make decisions about which keywords are best for a business. You simply enter a seed word and watch as keyword suggestions appear along with estimates of average monthly searches.

6. Moz

Need a free tool for link building, analysis, keyword research, SEO audit, and more? Moz offers plenty of free tools to help you discover and prioritize keywords. Use Open Site Explorer to approximate link equity and Moz Bar for on-page metrics.

7. Google Analytics

Want to start analyzing a site’s traffic in 3 simple steps? Google Analytics tracks and reports traffic so you can better understand a website’s visitors and how they interact with the site. It’s the best free tool out there for providing data that helps you understand any company’s most important number: its bottom line.

Google is constantly upgrading this free SEO tool with a view towards making it easier for anyone to gain the insights they need. Just this year, the company introduced automated insights in its mobile app and simplified its web UI.

Of course, there’s no one magical way to organically get your website on top of every single search results page. But these free SEO tools should help you improve your rankings. SEO tools work differently from person to person, so keep experimenting until you find the ones that work best for you! To learn more about the future of SEO, check out our free industry report, "What's the Future of SEO?"

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