How to Hire Blog Writers That Will Achieve Real Results for Your Business

    Everything You Need to Know When You Hire Blog Writers

    You only need to try it once to understand how time-intensive it can be creating your own blog content. Valuable, relevant, and quality content isn’t easy. It takes a lot of resources and knowledge to consistently turn out posts that achieve the business results you’re looking for. For many business owners, it’s difficult enough running their business, serving their clients, and managing their marketing strategies without having to write their own content. Now may be the time to hire blog writers.

    3 Steps to Hire Blog Writers

    With 43% of people saying they at least skim blog posts and 68% of online buyers saying they spend considerable time reading content put out by brands they’re interested in, it makes sense to give blogging its proper place in your overall inbound marketing strategy. If you’ve already tried outsourcing your content writing and found the experience disappointing, it’s worth giving it another shot. Here are three ways to make sure you successfully find writers for your blog:

    1. Know Where to Look

    We understand that it may feel like you’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But if you’re coming up empty-handed on writers who are familiar with the subject matter, understand what your company does and, just as importantly, know what its vision and culture is, don’t blame it on a shortage of talent. With a little time, effort, and patience you can find the writers capable of meeting your specific needs – if you know where to look. Content marketing platforms like our own provide you with all the tools you need to find and hire blog writers and plan a comprehensive content strategy.

    2. Ask for Writing Samples

    When you hire a company employee, they come to the table with a resume and references. But to hire blog writers, you need to see if how they write works for your brand. Do you like their voice? Do they understand SEO? Are they well-versed in your industry, or are they capable of doing the research necessary to become so? The only way to be certain you’ll get great content that’s engaging, “revolutionary,” and speaks to your company being an industry leader, is to have a certain number of writers submit custom samples.

    3. Conduct Writer Auditions That Deliver

    Our guide, “How to Find the Perfect Freelance Writer for Your Business” lays out 9 helpful tips on how to conduct writer auditions that increase your chances of success for outsourcing blog writing. Our audition process helps you narrow down the field of writers to those who best represent the voice, style, and structure you want your blog posts and other content to project. Because you have such a large pool of talent to draw from, finding a team of qualified writers usually takes a week or less.

    Businesses are increasingly reliant on content to drive their brand forward. That means there’s a growing need to hire blog writers who can create and deliver great content that not only draws an audience to your website but keeps them there. A well-established freelance content provider with a known reputation can pre-screen writers and eliminate the hit or miss approach you may have been using up until now.

    Your blog is a key component to your business’ growth, and well-written blog posts are critical to converting leads into long-term customers. There’s no better reason for doing whatever it takes to find the perfect freelance writers for your business.

    Want even more tips on how to hire a blogger? Check out our whitepaper, How to Find the Perfect Freelance Writer For Your Business.

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