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Top Shareable SEO Content Tips for Speaking To Humans

When people interact with a customer service team that sounds scripted and the solutions seem one-size-fits-all, they feel alienated and lose interest in doing more business with that company. The same is true for content marketing. If your content looks like it was rolled fresh out of a machine, with little thought towards the individuals who will read it, people will look somewhere else for solutions to their problems.

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A recent survey shows that consumers are 53% more likely to make a purchase from a brand that personalizes its communications. You know there is a real person behind all of those words you post, so how can you make sure that everyone else does, too? Here's a few shareable SEO content tips for making sure your content is fit for human consumption.

Use These SEO Content Tips to Make Your Content More Fit for Human Consumption.

1. Use Clear Language

Nothing will alienate a reader faster than talking over their heads. Some industry-specific terminology can be acceptable, but unless you are posting in a peer-to-peer environment, be aware that many of your readers might not know what you're talking about. At best, people who are confused will ask questions or try to follow along anyway; at worst, you risk sounding arrogant and untrustworthy and people move on.

Suppose you're trying to talk to customers about energy efficient furnaces and announce that they will have a greater ROI on a furnace that has a high AFUE. Not only does this sound like it's straight from the owner's manual, you've probably also lost most of your readers. All that jargon doesn't make you sound smart or interesting, it's confusing and could make some people think you're trying to complicate or gloss over the facts.

Instead, stick with plain, clear language that you would use when speaking to a real person in real life. Try explaining that furnaces with a high fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE) produce more heat per unit of natural gas and therefore save on energy costs over time and justify the expense of a more efficient unit. The reader will not only understand what you're saying, but they will also feel like a real person is explaining this idea to them so they can make a sound decision about their furnace.

2. Be Funny

Nothing takes the formal edge off of a conversation like a little humor. By being funny from time to time, you invite readers to see a little of your company's personality. Engaging stories, fun facts, cartoons, and fun graphics can all soften the edges of your communication and show your readers that you don't take yourself too seriously.

Being funny doesn't have to mean putting in a few knock-knock jokes at the end of every blog post just to get a laugh, but don't be afraid to poke a little fun at yourself or tell a story from time to time that isn't so serious. It's also important to know your audience, of course, as you don't want risk offending anyone or having your jokes flop. 

3. Establish rapport

All of your shareable SEO content should have a purpose but not every piece of marketing needs to point to a landing page or drive new leads or have a direct metric that can be measured to determine success. Sometimes, you can put something out that is simply interesting, useful, or conversational. For example, introduce different members of your team in blog posts or post photos of your employees taking a break and having a little fun around the office.

Shareable blog content that doesn't necessarily come with strings attached will help you build rapport with your readers. The result will be increased trust from people who won't feel as if every tweet and blog post is a secret advertisement. You'll gain loyalty from readers who like what you have to say, and they'll be more receptive to your more direct advances in the future.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

At the end of the day, shareable content marketing is about communicating with people and not just dumping content onto the web for people to find. Make sure you're listening as much as you are talking so you can be sure you're giving your readers and your customers what they want. Personalize your content by coming out from behind it to let readers know there is a person there. Your efforts will be rewarded with a personalized brand and repeat visits from people that feel like they know who they're buying from.

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