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5 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Content Creation Marketing

Many companies have embraced content creation marketing and are going full speed ahead with an inbound campaign. Others, however, may not be convinced that it's the right way to go or that the efforts will be rewarded with enough new business to make it worth it.

If you fall into that second group, here are five good benefits of content marketing that you can't ignore any longer.

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1. Content Converts With or Without You

Traditional marketing needs a salesperson ready to pick up where the advertisement left off. Someone needs to be there to answer questions, provide examples, suggest pricing, and otherwise fill in the blanks. Your sales team can only go so far and even the best multi-taskers can only communicate with a handful of people at one time.

Content creation marketing, on the other hand, is ready and willing to convert as many people as it needs to at any hour of the day or night. Once it is created, it only needs occasional promoting to continue to attract and convert leads. Your sales team will be delivered educated, qualified leads that are ready to close the deal instead of wasting time with people who aren't going to buy.

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2. Enjoy Limitless Reach

When you order up an advertisement to place in a newspaper or magazine, your reach is limited to anyone who will pick up that particular edition. Content creation marketing, on the other hand, lives forever on the Internet and can pull in readers over and over again as it gets shared and promoted.

A well-crafted piece of content creation marketing can reach farther than you ever imagined and to outlets you weren't even aiming for in the first place. This is because readers also decide what happens to your content once you publish it. They will send it where it needs to go once you put it out there so you don't have to rely on existing circulation tables.

3. Content Creation Marketing Targets Interested People

Readers who come across your content creation marketing are likely to be looking for it and ready to consume it. They may have typed in some related search terms into a search engine, clicked a link on another website that references your information, or found a link on a friend's social media feed that talks about your content.

Compared to the casual magazine flipper or television audience that is randomly presented with paid advertisements, different types of content marketing are aimed at people who are already interested in your message.

4. Content Marketing Naturally Lures Search Engines

If you're writing engaging and interesting content, you will automatically be producing content that the search engines are looking for. Content that is targeted and on-point will be naturally rich in the keywords and phrases that people are searching for and content that is formatted to be easy for people to read is also easy for the search engines to read.

In addition, good content creation marketing will be linked to and shared as people find it interesting or think that someone they know will find it interesting. Search engines pay attention to how much engagement your content is getting and if you're doing it right, you'll naturally get the links and shares to push you to the top.

5. You Can Finally Reach That Tricky Demographic

Millennials. Those twenty-somethings who have no use for paper mail, whose attention spans are fleeting, and whose expectations are extremely high and hard to meet. They don't like to be pestered with intrusive ads. If they don't have the technology to block ads entirely then their brains are finely tuned to ignore them anyway.

Luckily, this demographic is spending tons of time connected to the Internet and up to an hour every day talking about products and brands. They also like to discover for themselves where to spend their money. Content creation marketing is a natural match for the generation of adults that tends to do their own research before they even consider contacting a company about a sale. All you have to do is be there when they start looking.

Looking to the Future

Content creation marketing is more than just the next big thing, it is a whole new way to engage with potential and current customers. The content creation process is designed to gently lead a person down the sales path, without being tricky or pushy, so that when they're ready to buy they feel confident that they're making informed decisions and getting the right solutions. This gives you a solid, long-term sales base and happy customers – who doesn't need that?

To learn more about content creation marketing, check out our white paper, "What is Content Marketing? And Why Is It So Important?"

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