5 Original Ways to Create Fresh, Interesting Blog Title Ideas

    Have You Run Out of Interesting Blog Title Ideas?

    The content you create has a huge impact on the future success of your business: it effects everything from how prospects and customers perceive your company and how easily they are able to find you through organic searches to how interested will be in interacting with you on social media.

    The problem is that content creation can become stale when you write day after day; you may run out of interesting blog title ideas, about how to engage your audience, or how to stand out from your competitors. For these reasons, we have compiled the following tips to help you keep content creation fresh, interesting, and exciting with good blog topics.

    1. Find Out What Your Audience Wants

    If you are unsure about what your target market find interesting, find out. The simplest way is to ask readers directly, over social media or at the end of a blog post; however, this course of action runs the risk of making you appear unprofessional, when it becomes obvious to your fans that you have run out of blog post ideas. A far better option is to end posts with questions and use the responses to bring about new ideas for content.

    2. Read Others’ Blogs

    Another way to find inspiration is to read blogs similar to your own. This also gives you an opportunity to learn how to improve your writing, find popular blog topics, and avoid making the same mistakes as others. Klout recommends reading 10 blogs a week and even sharing some of the most interesting posts to further expand your audience.

    3. Write a New Type of Content

    Marketers often fall into the common trap of always creating the same type of content or using the same blog post ideas. If you need ideas for a blog, experiment with new formats and styles to recapture your audience’s interest. Copyblogger has some great advice about how to write everything from case studies and reviews to explanations of your successes and failures.

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    4. Focus On Your Headlines

    Headlines are perhaps even more important content itself; only when a title grabs users’ attention will they go on to read the rest of the content. Headlines define what is to follow and help readers make a snap decision as to whether or not it is worth clicking on the article to find out more. Struggling with creating compelling headlines? Check out our white paper, "Your Blog Titles Don't Have to Be Boring!"

    5. Proofread Before Posting

    Whether you or someone else wrote the content, it is essential to proofread one last time before releasing the post to your blog or social media profile. It is essential that you content be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as any sentences where meaning is unclear or could be misinterpreted. This advice stands true no matter if you are posting an entire article or a short tweet.

    If content creation ever becomes boring or tiresome for you, these feelings may well become reflected in your writing, providing a less enjoyable read for your audience. Stay inspired by constantly seeking out new and interesting blog title ideas and listen closely to your audience — read their feedback on social media and pay attention to page statistics — to find out how you can provide the content your readers want most.

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