3 Social Media Tools You Must Add to Your Toolbox

    From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, making sure you are regularly posting to your business accounts and that your posts are interesting and relevant is no easy task. Plus, you have to read what everyone else is posting in your feeds. When you put it all together, it can become a full-time job—unless you have the right social media tools to streamline and organize the process. Here are three tools that will make your social media management faster and easier.

    1. Social Rank

    We all know that Twitter is a great place to promote your blog and other content and to collect interesting links from other people. However, have you ever wondered how to maximize all the followers you have collected? While there are plenty of social media tools for analyzing what you are doing, Social Rank is one of the best tools for analyzing what other people are doing.

    Once your free account is set up, you can see who your best and most engaged followers are along with who is the most followed among your followers. Understanding how your most active followers interact with your Twitter feed will help you define your audience so you can tailor your content to what they want to see. Social Rank has also recently rolled out a similar service for Instagram and hopes to add other platforms in the future.

    2. My Top Tweet

    If you are not occasionally stalking the competition to see what's working for them, you are losing out on valuable information about what you can do to improve your own strategies. My Top Tweet is another tool for monitoring what others are doing, but in a slightly different way. When you enter the Twitter handle of any account, you will instantly get a list of the tweets for that account that got the most retweets and favorites. It is super simple, free, and a great way to check in and see what's hot with the biggest players in your industry.

    3. Mentionmapp

    If you are a visually-oriented person, then this is the tool for you. When you first log in with your Twitter handle, you will get a map with you at the center and all of your connections surrounding you. You can see who is connected to you because you both have recently shared content with the same hashtag, or because of recent mentions and retweets. You can click on any node in your map to expand it and see who else is connected and what topics they also share. This tool makes it easy for visually-oriented people to do hashtag research and hunt for trending topics. It also provides you an easy way to find new people to follow based on shared interests instead of just digging through other users' lists.

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    Social Media Tools Make it Easy

    For individual users, simply posting and reading social media feeds is more than enough interaction. For businesses that need to make the most of time and resources—while still maintaining positive returns on all these efforts—using the right social media tools will help cut down on the guesswork and the amount of time spent researching and discovering users and current topics. That way, you can be sure your social media interaction is always helpful, relevant, and results-driven.

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