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Pinning in the New Year: Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2015

The page has turned on another full calendar year. As we progress through 2015, marketers will need to be looking in as many places as possible to find leads for their business or their clients. Research confirms that marketers are trying many things: the Content Marketing Institute reported in October that the average marketer used 11 different tactics for content marketing.

One of the hottest new channels for content marketing is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that saw exponential growth in 2012: Marketing Land reported in December of that year that Pinterest experienced a 1,047% year-over-year increase in visitors. If you haven’t already incorporated Pinterest into your content marketing plan, there are a few reasons that you should start this year.

Why Pinterest?

One of the big reasons that companies decide to market on Pinterest is because it is rapidly becoming a major part of the social media realm. Kevin Roose at New York magazine wrote in May of 2014 that Pinterest was responsible for more traffic for Internet publishers than both Reddit and Twitter combined.

Pinterest is also a very valuable social media channel for companies that primarily market their services or products towards women. 80% of Pinterest users are women, which is a significant number of female users when you consider that there’s about 40 million active users on Pinterest each month.

Best Practices for Pinterest Marketing

One of the most important things to know about Pinterest is timing. It is important that you time your posts the right way so that you can get as many views as possible. Many believe that the best time to post on Pinterest is between 6 PM and 8 PM EST, when most people are finished with their work responsibilities.

Another important part of your Pinterest initiative should be to integrate your Pinterest activity with the rest of your marketing efforts. For example, if you publish an email newsletter or blog, be sure to provide links to your latest pins so that you can drive traffic to your company’s Pinterest. Above all, it is important to always be tweaking your Pinterest tactics by seeing what works and what doesn’t work for bringing in new prospects and attracting attention for your pins.

Marketing Tools for Pinterest

Marketers who want to get as much as they can from their efforts to bring in customers on Pinterest might find it valuable to use third-party tools to help them achieve this goal. One of the best of these tools is known as Tailwind. Tailwind can help marketers schedule pins, determine how effective their pins are, and optimize their timing based on their ideal audience. Another great platform for Pinterest marketing is PinAlerts. PinAlerts provides users with email notifications when someone pins something from your page and allows you to thank people who pin your content.

Pinterest holds tremendous opportunity for content marketers who are informed enough to include it in their social media plans. If you haven’t already started taking advantage of this rapidly-growing social network for marketing purposes, this should be the year that you begin capitalizing on the power of Pinterest.

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