How To Develop Customer-Centric Content That Drives Sales

    SEO content development is the most effective way to build a business. As a business woman, when I first started to hear the term 'SEO content development' I had no grasp of what the concept could possibly mean. My business offered an excellent product and our customer service was unparalleled. The website we'd developed was colorful and pretty. Having written all the content myself, I was quite sure it clearly told who we were and what we did. Even the face-to-face networking within the community was building our client base quite nicely. Wasn't that enough?

    The truth is, it wasn't. Inbound marketing was the one factor we were missing. Once the website was appropriately optimized, leads began to pour in. The untouchable marketing directors whom we had no chance of meeting otherwise actually called us for product. The key was SEO content development.

    You may already know SEO content development refers to the informational matrix your clients build around their websites. If done correctly, your clients will be more easily found on the Internet. In turn, their businesses are more patronized (since it comes up first in Google rankings) by prospects and clients. To be successful, your clients need to know how to develop customer-centric content that drives sales. Keep these guidelines in mind:

    In SEO content development, always consider the audience first.

    You may have won accountant of the year for 10 straight years, but it's not about you. Customer-centric means It's about writing to the intended audience. In writing for a cosmetology school, I am writing to 16 year old girls. You can, like, bet that I am totally rockin' when it comes to hair trends and beauty tidbits. While the tone is far from that of my typical business writing, I need to first consider what motivates this group of potential students to contact the school. I also need to simplify my content and sentence structure to the reader's level.

    What is the purpose or value of the content?

    Too many times, my clients cannot answer what they want from their SEO content development. Ultimately, the goal is to attract a targeted audience, right? You drive up sales by finding and selling to that audience. Try to write on topics that are relevant to that audience. Think of your SEO content development as fishing. You need to bait the line for what you want to catch.

    Cheat by spying on your competitor's for content ideas.

    Of course, you can never, ever plagiarize, but you can create editorials on what they're doing wrong or right. If your competitor has a well trafficked site, it follows clients searching for their products will have questions. A well searched question is common ground SEO content development. Yahoo Answers and eHow are examples you may review.

    How will you promote the content?

    Once you write the most interesting content ever, you need to promote it via social media networks. The more people view and repost your article, the higher your SEO ranking. Take a little time each week to build your networks with, guess who? The audience you're baiting the line for. If you are a landscaping company, you may target networks of property managers, for example.

    Solve your client's problems with your products and services.

    Just like everyone else, your client wants their lives to be made easier. The most common example may be ready-to-eat food products like Uncle Ben's pre-cooked rice. Try to write content in a way that makes the problem you're solving very clear. Rice in 90 seconds? Nice.

    Great content doesn't self promote.

    Simply, don't talk about yourself or how great you are. Write content that discusses how a well-landscaped lawn increases home values 20%. Explain that a good accountant pays for themselves with over $1,000 more issued in tax returns. If you offer great advice, clients will want to hire you.

    Great SEO content development starts with well developed topics people want to read. If your clients keep the content customer-centric, they're guaranteed to drive up sales.

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