Top 4 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your SEO Content

Posted by Jennifer Gemmell-Adams

In March 2016, a senior strategist for Google revealed that the top three ranking factors for the search engine were RankBrain, inbound links, and content, without specifying a particular order of importance. While it seems like everything to do with SEO is constantly changing, those top factors have remained constant and are likely to stay that way. RankBrain may seem like a mystical formula that no one can fathom and inbound links are often slightly beyond our influence, but content is something entirely within your ability to control. Because it is, that means it should be a primary focus of your marketing strategies.

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SEO Content Marketing: Supercharge It

Posted by John LeCoq

One in six Google searches have never been seen before. This means that your clients need to supercharge their SEO content marketing campaigns with relevant information that showcase their brand, organization, product and services. You need to tie all the elements together in a strong marketing endeavor that keeps your clients' current customers in the fold and attracts new ones. 

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Turn The Blog Into An SEO Machine

Posted by John LeCoq

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is still the big buzzword around the blogosphere. Your clients have likely heard it but may not know how to incorporate good SEO content into their blogging strategy.

The blog is a key element of any Internet marketing success. Making the most of it will drive visitors to your client's website and increase their readership.

Why is the blog so important?

Updating a blog regularly and posting relevant and interesting content is the way for search engines to find your clients. 

Many websites have blogs that are not updated often, or have no blogs at all. These sites generally rank low for SEO as their content is too static and/or outdated for the search engines to consider relevant. 

There are several reasons why you should use blog content for posting SEO content:

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Website Content for SEO and Consumers: Striking the Right Balance

Posted by Flora Richards-Gustafson

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making small changes to a site so it ranks high on a search engine result list. According to Google, the changes themselves are small and seemingly insignificant. However, when combined, they can make a big difference in the performance of organic search results and the site’s user experience. 

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Agency Touchpoint August 2012: Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Steve Lazuka


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Local SEO: How To Connect With The Local Market

Posted by Jody Pellerin

Local search is an area of SEO that is becoming very important to the small business segment that wants to appear prominently in search for a particular geographic area. If you want to get your client's business found, you need to understand this burgeoning facet of SEO.

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5 Secrets To Successful SEO Content Marketing

Posted by Tiffany Garden

Marketing a website or online business does not have to be a complicated process. SEO content marketing provides a high quality, high value way of getting your clients' message out and allows you to help them introduce their products, services and sites.

If you're not sure where to begin with SEO content for your customers, check out five secrets to success that you can share with them.  Let's count them down:

5. Targeted keywords. Search engines look at the keywords within an article as a search engine ranking factor. You want to match your keywords with the content and your overall site focus. Avoid oversaturating content with keywords that do not flow within the body of the article, as visitors are more attracted to content that flows naturally and reads well. Optimize content while not overdoing it. 

4. Social features. Social networking should be a big part of any SEO content marketing strategy. Your content should be promoted on social media pages, along with having ways to share the content directly from your website. Other types of social features that can add to your marketing plan include comments on your articles and posts or forums to promote discussions between your customers or visitors. Future Searches discusses several social media marketing strategies. 

3. Audience targeting. For the most effective content marketing, you need to use the demographic information that you have on your customer base. Each demographic responds to different approaches, may be more comfortable with some forms of content marketing than others, and may need a different style of being convinced that your product, service or website is filling that person's needs.

2. Call to action. You need to provide a specific call to action on your content page to build leads, convert visitors to customers and convince them to stick around. The call to action can take many forms, whether you want to encourage them to sign up for a newsletter, join your forums, like a social media page, go to your online store or another action. Do not assume that the visitor knows exactly where to go - guide him there with a strong call to action in your content. The Zerys Content Marketplace Blog lists 6 content marketing tips for increasing conversion rates

1. Quality content. You want to invest in the best quality content possible. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing to point searchers to the highest quality search results possible. Your customers and site visitors are exposed to countless different types of web content in a day. If your content doesn't stand out in the crowd, then your marketing may never get more than a passing glance. 

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3 Secrets To Better SEO Content Marketing

Posted by Virginia Adewole

When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing is quickly shaping up to be the main game in town.  Whether as a complement to traditional methods or on its own, SEO content marketing harnesses the power of information and capitalizes on the public's hunger for it.  

While it isn’t necessary – nor is it advisable – for your clients to abandon their other efforts at online advertising, it would be beneficial for them to allow SEO content marketing to form the base of their marketing plans. To that end, consider these three most important components of successful content marketing:

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Is Anybody Reading Your Content?

Posted by Beth Hrusch

It’s a good question to ask, especially if you’re a content marketer.  In fact, your clients may well be asking this question right now. 

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How To Develop Customer-Centric Content That Drives Sales

Posted by Elspeth Misiaszek

SEO content development is the most effective way to build a business.  As a business woman, when I first started to hear the term 'SEO content development'  I had no grasp of what the concept could possibly mean.   My business offered an excellent product and our customer service was unparalleled.   The website we'd developed was colorful and pretty.  Having written all the content myself, I was quite sure it clearly told who we were and what we did.  Even the face-to-face networking within the community was building our client base quite nicely.   Wasn't that enough?

The truth is, it wasn't.  Inbound marketing was the one factor we were missing.  Once the website was appropriately optimized, leads began to pour in.  The untouchable marketing directors whom we had no chance of meeting otherwise actually called us for product.  The key was SEO content development.

You may already know SEO content development refers to the informational matrix your clients build around their websites.  If done correctly, your clients will be more easily found on the Internet.  In turn, their businesses are more patronized (since it comes up first in Google rankings) by prospects and clients.   To be successful, your clients need to know how to develop customer-centric content that drives sales.   Keep these guidelines in mind:

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